I'm Not "Preaching" To My Friends And Neighbors & That's That!

July 29, 2008 – 9:54 pm

Well, that sounds pretty final.  The humorous thing is that no one has ever asked us to “preach” to our friends and neighbors.  Oh yeah, there are scriptures galore that tells us to “share the word” with all we come in contact with.  But to start out, the Holy Spirit just wants us to live a “Godly” life.  Don’t be concerned about what others believe, just stay focused on how you are living your life.  Believe me when I say that was and still is about all I can handle within my own life!

Yes, I know, you could consider these Blogs as “preaching.”  Albeit, not very good “preaching,” I’m sure.

But notice, if you will, that I relate much of what I say in a personal manner.  Other than speaking from within a scripture I try to limit most of my comments to my own experience.  There’s a reason for that.  How do I get off talking about your life when we’ve never even met!

We’re told somewhere in the Book that we must reflect God’s Glory.  I personally think that means that we must live as best we can the life God intended us to live when He created each of us.  If we do live this life He’s laid out for us (and remembering that as humans, we do tend to fall off the bandwagon from time to time), we will be reflecting His Glory to all those around us.  Now that does not mean (I believe) that we must reflect His Glory by “preaching” to all who will stand still and listen.  No, I believe those who know us or at least see how we act in everyday life might be curious as to why we seem stable in so many different and, often, stressful situations.  Are we “showing off?”  No we are just doing what our Lord taught us to do no matter the circumstances.  The fact that others may see us and be curious how we handle these events without coming “unglued,” is simply a question they have on their own.

Some who are unhappy the way they get stressed out and blow up under pressure may decide to ask YOU how you maintain your “cool” when they go “bananas” (don’t you just love all these little colloquialisms we use just to say how messed up we are).  In this case, you are NOT “preaching” to them, but simply answering THEIR question.

Now, at first, if you don’t feel comfortable speaking of your beliefs to a friend or stranger, then find a small and concise piece of spiritual literature and hand it to them (yes, you have to keep at least one copy with you at all times) while explaining that it can clearly lay out the life you chose to lead and conduct yourself in.  Notice we said nothing about how “they should be conducting their lives – that’s “preaching.”

I personally have used a book that costs between six and seven dollars usually and it is called, “God Calling.”   This is an amazing little daily devotional that my wife and I have been reading almost every night at bedtime for almost twenty years.  It was sent to me by a friend and business associate right after I had been laid off.  I don’t know how many copies I have given away, but I’ve heard of suicides it’s prevented, as well as other life changing experiences the recipients of this small book with a huge message has caused.

“God Calling” truly is an amazing piece of literature.  It was written in England by two women who remain nameless back in the 1800’s.  A Christian book store owner told me some years ago that this book and one by C.S. Lewis always shows up on the top annual Christian book sales list every year.  I always write something inside the cover of a book I’m giving to someone and I tell them that they can’t ever give this copy away to someone else, but must buy a new copy for that person they wish to share God’s Grace with.

Obviously, I have no financial interest in this little book, but I do have God’s interest in my heart whenever I give a copy away or suggest that someone might find some answers to their questions within the pages of this piece of Jesus inspired literature.

Anyway, I pray you see my point in all this.  Live your life by God’s Standards as best you can and never give up on yourself, because He surely hasn’t.  Let others draw their own conclusions about how you respond to things life throws at you.  If they ask you, then either share where you receive your strength from or give them a small piece of God inspired literature that’s been a sincere help to you.  That’s pretty much it.  Oh yes, you might wonder why my wife and I still read the same daily devotional after almost twenty years.  That’s one of the many amazing things about this book.  Each days devotional seems to apply itself to the very things we are involved with on that very day – year after year! 

May God’s Will Bless and Keep you within His Love and Care.  May Jesus walk with you always.  May God’s Holy Spirit comfort and keep you forever.

In Christ’s Love,


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