I've Got All I Need In This Life. What More Could I Ask For?

July 23, 2008 – 11:13 am

Pull out the stops!  Work till you drop!  The early bird gets the worm!  Give it all you got!  The big dogs stay off the porch!  “Get-R-Done!”  

You get the idea yet?  This world will take all you have to offer for the “golden ring.”  That might be all your striving for in this life – but what about in the next 30, 40, 50 or so years, when that “golden ring” drops from your cold, motionless hand.  

When you open your eyes you are standing in front of the Lord Jesus Christ and He asks “What have you brought me from your years on earth?  How have you enlarged your piece of God’s Holy Spirit that He breathed into you at birth?  Have you stored any treasures here in Heaven or did you leave all your material wealth on earth – now gone from you eternally.  

When I spoke to you through the Holy Spirit and asked you to use some of your worldly wealth to help the less fortunate, you went out and invested it in the Stock Market.  When I asked you to spend less time working and more time being a husband and a father, you thought if you worked harder that you could give them more material things.  Your divorce and limited access to your children did not increase the value of their or your lives.

Then the look on Jesus’ face saddened.  “Since you chose to enlarge your fortune on earth and prepare not for Eternity in the afterlife, you have voluntarily allowed your heart to harden to the Holy Spirit of God.  Hence, you broke off all communication with the Trinity until this day in Eternity. Your eternity will not be in Heaven bathed in the Light of God’s Love, but your eternity will be in the “outer darkness” where there are great moans and gnashing of teeth.  This is also the place where the pain never ceases from the eternal flames of Hell, as well as the place where the “worm” never dies.”

“Honey, I won’t be working late at the office next week and I’ll be home all weekend, why don’t we spend some quality time with each other and the kids!”  That does get your attention, unless your heart has already hardened to the Holy Spirit.  So think about this the next time the choice is between the world and the spirit in your soul.

I pray the rest of the week goes spiritually well and life allows you to cope and prosper!

In Christ’s Eternal Love,


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