Mid-Week, My How Time Passes When You Are Having Fun!

July 16, 2008 – 5:12 am

Okay, beloved followers of Christ, this is the first edition of our mid-week Blog (If one of you knows what the word Blog stands for, please write me either through the “Comments” section of this site or my e-mail, edd@BlessedBooks.com. with your answer – I will be very grateful).  Do not hold my feet to the “fire” on this one, because I am “flying blind” (and for a former helicopter pilot that is pretty scary).  

If one or more of you have a subject you would like addressed on this mid-week edition, please let me know through the same channels I suggested above.  I probably do not have the answer to your question, but I have a lot of research material that may – so bring it to me and let us see what we can come up with to satisfy your concerns or questions.  

The “ground rules” as such, will be flexible and we will go where the need takes us.  It may not be as in depth as the Sunday Blog, but prayerfully, the Lord will Bless me with brevity that goes straight to the point we will be seeking.  

Just briefly today, I want to address something I have run into that has given me some, or maybe I should say, great concern.  Of late I have been taking a series of courses regarding in depth analysis of the Bible.  Right now, I am going through the Old Testament in great literary detail.  I say “literary,” because it is not quite what I expected when I bought these series of courses from “The Teaching Company,” (1-800-832=2412).  The DVD’s are a little more than I wanted to spend, but they do keep my attention.  They have the same courses in a CD format as well for much less money.  The expanse of subjects are not just in the religious area, but span many areas of academic instruction by very highly qualified instructors.  

Well back to my concern about my particular area of instruction.  So far, I have completed a twelve lecture series and have begun a twenty-four lecture series.  I had thought these lectures would be more explanative in learning about the biblical background through the theology of the Bible.  In actuality, these highly educated and learned professors are taking the various areas in the Bible that they are concerned with in that series of lectures and critiquing them from a literary and less than biblical point of view.

I have known for sometime that many of our scholastic brothers and sisters disagree with the inerrancy of the Bible’s content and spirituality.  They have a reasonable position in many instances of who wrote what and when, however in their critique of these points they stretch their theory to the extent of questioning the basic accuracy of the content of the Bible.  My belief is that the Bible is Spiritually inspired and accurate.  A follower of one Disciple having a follower at some later time copy his writing or writing it as he was taught by this Disciple, none-the-less is God Inspired.  Questioning if a Bible Character like King David actually existed because he cannot be found in secular historical documents does not remove the truth of his existence in those that were God Inspired to write and speak of him and others whose existence these instructors question.

I am learning a great deal of the detail of the Old Testament and the Torah, but am distressed when the woman teaching the course spends more time trying to disprove the foundation of the Bible than acknowledging the Spiritual foundation of it’s origin and spiritual purpose.  She is, in fact, one of the leading professors in the department of religious studies at Vanderbilt University.  She spends more time trying to “illustrate the improbability of truth and actual happenings of the Bible” than exploring and praising the Goodness of the people who believed in God to the point of giving their lives in His Name.  And she is not the only one to do this.  The first instructor in the twelve lectures I took was of a similar vein and he graduated from Harvard and, again, was a leader in the department of religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Durham.

My point in speaking to this issue of academia versus Christian beliefs is to point out that “facts” relevant or not to the “worldly” accuracy in a speculative sense, does not alter, but strengthens the Spirit and spiritual relevance to each and every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ!  No matter the stress and turmoil placed on the true authors of the Bible, they held on to their undying belief that God’s Spirit is and always will be inerrant in It’s Love and Teachings to God’s children!

Each of you have a great and safe remainder of the week until we join together, God Willing, this coming Sunday again.

In Christ’s Love,


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