August 9, 2008 – 7:28 am

Rigor Dressler has announced that beginning tomorrow, all who live outside New Jerusalem will receive the equivalent of five million per year in the new international currency for the rest of their natural lives.  Everyone will have access to the New World Health Organization and of course this will include all of the recent cures for cancer, Alzheimer, and everything else that has plagued our world population for so many years.  Imperial Leader Dressler has stated in a release from the World Council this morning that all these many benefits will be available to all his subjects not to be living currently in New Jerusalem.  In his remarks, he stated that those who have chosen of their own free will to join this “Doomsday” cult will not have access to any of the new benefits that everyone of his subjects will enjoy from now on.  To be able to tell the difference between those billions “blessed” by our Imperial Leader and those in the “Jesus Cult, a small micro chip will be inserted under the skin of each subjects right hand and another chip under the skin at the point of the left temple for medical purposes.

Our imperial Leader Dressler has given a thirty day period for all non-Jesus freaks to receive their implants and five million in our new currency.  Leader Dressler further warns that those in this Jesus Cult will attempt to draw individuals and their families to join them in their “New Jerusalem,” but resist them at all cost and report them to the Council’s Security Guard and they will be dealt with in a rapid and permanent fashion.  

Stay alert there will be much more on all of the new benefits from the World Council and from our benevolent leader Rigor Dressler.  Utopia is finally here for all who are willing to work for and support the World Council!

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