What Would You Or I Have Done?

August 6, 2008 – 8:23 am

“I’m sorry Freddie, I just can’t keep loaning you 50 bucks every two weeks.  I mean, man, you seldom, if ever, pay any of it back!”  Johnny continued.  “You got to understand that I have a family too and I’ve got expenses just like you!”  Freddie stared at the floor and muttered, “I know, man, but with the medical bills I just can’t make it.

“Look Dude, go in to H.R. and ask for a raise.  Explain your circumstances.”  “Johnny, I did that!  They told me to put in for more over-time – I’m working 70 hours a week now.”

Johnny and Freddie are both sub-contractors (Subs) so they have to provide their own medical coverage.  Freddie, has a two year old little girl with a bad heart valve and a small hole in her heart.  It’s pre-existing even it he could afford the coverage.

Freddie was at the end of the road and facing a brick wall.  He couldn’t let his little girl die and he didn’t know how to come up with the $100+ thousand  dollar price tag for the surgery to fix her heart.  The 100 bucks a month he was copping off his friend Johnny was to cover part of the doctor’s visits and the medications they have her on.

If you or I were Johnny what would we do?  The 100 bucks a month wasn’t going to ultimately solve the problem and it was really cutting into our family budget.  Again, what are we going to do – Freddie is a long-time friend.  The wives and kids all know each other and spend time together almost every week.  You can’t just let that little girl die.  After all, thank God it’s not, but it could just as easily have been your little girl.  Knowing your little girl has a heart problem that is probably going to kill her by age five if she doesn’t get the surgery she needs is almost unthinkable,   Just imagine if this horrific reality was in your life and family?

Johnny went to their minister at the church both families attend.  Reverend Mike listened to Johnny.  Then he admitted he had heard rumors of Freddie’s problems.  He had planned to approach Freddie and his wife regarding their challenge with their daughter’s health problem.  Rev. Mike knew their small church couldn’t provide that kind of cash and keep the church running.  Johnny asked Rev. Mike, “Does that mean that we’re just going to let Freddie’s little girl die?”  Rev. Mike looked at Johnny and said, “We’re not about to throw in the towel and quit before we even get started!  Johnny, this is going to take a lot of work, creativity, God’s Blessings and maybe a little luck thrown in along the way!  Are you willing to take the reins on this and run the project?  It’s going to take every spare moment you have and then some.  I can give you direction, but you’re the one who does the leg work.”

Okay, my Christian friend, “How would you answer Rev. Mike (and you don’t get out of this if you’re a Joanne rather than a Johnny).  Keep in mind, I’m equally at the same point that you are, because, honestly, I don’t have an answer yet myself!

Think about it and tell me if you would take on the challenge or would you find an excuse to get yourself off the “hook?”  Next week I’ll give you my answer along with some of the response from readers like yourself.  If you don’t want to register on the site and leave your “comment,” fine.  You can E-mail me at edd@BlessedBooks.com.  You have my word, either way, I will not use your name, share or sell or in anyway use you personal info (E-Mail address or site registration info) with any other entity.  I need to hear from all you Johnny’s and Joanne’s.

This little exercise is a learning experience for both of us.  Can we trust God to lead us to a successful answer?  Can we get creative and raise at least half of the money?   Lot of options and combinations of options – what do you think,,,up to the challenge?  I’ll be totally frank with each of you – it is a bit scary for me.  But you have my word.  I will give it the best shot I have!  Come on let’s go for it – one day (God Forbid) we may be faced with something similar.

I love each of you in Christ and pray for your safety and happiness.  My thoughts and prayers are for each of you and yours!

In Christ’s love,

edd   �

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