I No Longer Believe Or Have Faith, I Know!!! Part I

March 24, 2010 – 2:42 pm

Do I believe in God?  I did and I built my faith on my CHOICE to believe in God.  But, until recently, I didn’t know God.

Our lives from birth have been made up of choices and non-choices.  We choose to do this; we choose not to do that; we may choose to “put off” making a choice until there’s no longer a choice to make, good or bad. 

How does this relate to whether or not you or I “believe” in God.  I have struggled with the concept most of my adult life as to whether I “believed” in Jesus or not.  From the time I was a child, I believed there is a God and He Has a Holy Spirit.  I may not have understood the Spiritual Concept of “The Trinity,” but I did form a belief in God and The Holy Spirit.  Jesus never seemed to be a close and personal Entity to me.  I “believed” He is Real; I “believed” He Exists, but I never EXPERIENCED Jesus personally.  Needless to say, both as a child and, later an adult, it left my spiritual soul in an unrestful state.

I believed Jesus Exists, but there was not the personal connection I enjoyed with His Father and The Holy Spirit.  This has recently changed and I praise our Holy God for it!!!

As The Holy Spirit has Taught me: Knowledge of God comes in three steps.  First, we have a need to make a choice to believe in God.  Second, our belief becomes stronger through our repeated use and dependence on this belief until it changes into something called “faith.”  Faith is the degree of  the believer’s confidence in the choice they made earlier to believe there is a God.  We speak of faith being strong or weak.  Use of faith increases its strength.  Lack of even considering our Heavenly Father and His Wants and Desires for us or our outright rejection of our faith diminishes and weakens our faith.

So, if we choose to believe and over time and/or positive spiritual experiences, our belief begins to evolve into faith, then when and what does it mean to have “knowledge” of God?  Knowledge, by definition in Webster’s Dictionary, tell’s us the following: “The fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association.”  Another additional definition shown in Webster’s is: “The fact or condition of being aware of something.” 

True knowledge is far beyond “belief” and “faith.”  The third and, I believe, final spiritual condition that we are seeking, if not driven to find, is “knowledge” of God Almighty and all that comes with that knowledge.  Knowledge becomes the foundation in which we stand on spiritually.  It, as well, becomes the reality of this and our coming life.

I now have, through the solid and complete fact of my knowledge of God, found a deep and personal relationship with Jesus.  It has taken many years of my floundering in choices, non-choices, belief evolving into weak faith, and finally achieving the hard and fast “knowledge” of our God.

This does not make me better than any other person.  It doesn’t make me “a special or select spirit” in my or God’s Eyes.  There are and will be so many others who have or will achieve this knowledge much quicker than it was bestowed on me.  The dictionary has told us, “The fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association.”  Therefore we must become familiar with God and all that He Means in and to our lives.  Obviously, we must study and learn from His Holy Word, the Bible.  We must go to Him in prayer.  We must make those decisions and choices that make up and guide our life, both day to day and throughout our existence here on earth.

As we learn of and about God, we see our belief increasing and strengthening.  At some point in time, our belief begins to develop into faith.  There are two degrees of faith – weak and strong.  In weakness, our faith can be vacillating – changing from one position to another – again, neither firm nor committed in it’s degree or strength.  As our faith grows in amount and strengthens in substance and durability, we  draw closer to that final and completed journey of our knowledge of and about God, our Heavenly, Eternal Father!!!

Do not become discouraged and distraught about the, sometimes long and difficult, journey to the knowledge of God.  Know that each step along the journey is, for you, necessary.  See each step as an element of strengthening your faith.  If you feel that your most recent step in your journey brought perceived failure in your attempt to come closer to achieving that knowledge you so desperately seek, then stop in your spiritual journey and rest.  Take this time to study His Words in the Bible.  See how the journeys of others such as Job and Paul went through times of disbelief and not understanding why they were not progressing in their journey to know God.  Read of others of good reputation who have brought their journey to an openness that allows others to see the “ups and downs” of their experience to know our God.  Stay in prayer throughout your days.  Give no time to the “world” of self-indulgence and selfishness.

Live your days with the thoughts and experiences of those who know God and your journey to know God will be much shorter.  Your time in God’s Holy Word is completely and totally necessary for you to achieve the knowledge you seek.  Go forth and believe, have faith, and attain the Eternal Knowledge of God!!!  May He Bless us all!!!

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