A Winner Never Quits – or something like that.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – and losers never win! All I know is in Boot Camp when they had us running with full packs and an M-14, I just wanted someone to shoot me and put me out of my misery!

Winning and losing hold such importance in this world. However, we judge someone’s character by whether they win or “quit.” What if it is not their character, physical prowess or their level of intellect; what if it was something else all together different that determines whether someone wins or quits?

I’m not talking about “performance enhancing drugs” here. I’m talking SPIRIT ENHANCEMENT! Okay, I know this is the third week in a row that I’ve chatted with you about our spirits. Guess what? It’s our parachute into Heaven! Anyway, let us get back to “winning and quitting.”

This is something that The Holy Spirit Blessed me with the other day:

Our struggle is not in the winning, the struggle is from keeping our “self” from quitting.

Our spirit cannot understand the act of quitting; it only understands the act of winning!

I think that might be worth reading again, don’t you?

Keep in mind, this is not just a physical endeavor, this is about all things relevant to our soul. Yes, we will have physical challenges in this world that we will have to meet head-on. The above certainly applies to meeting our physical needs and challenges. We will be faced with emotional challenges that the world will urge the use of that weak and unstable part of us called our “self.” Our “self “will lie in wait for us in all of these challenging situations.

Remember, the “struggle” in all of these arenas of challenge and threat is our undependable “self.” Step up and throw “self” aside and fill your soul with The Holy Spirit of God. You will exceed your worldly possibilities in every instance. Man has not found a way to convince our spirit to quit!

Whether we make it to the stars or just to the top of the mountain, we will surely achieve more than thought to be “humanly” possible (Hebrews 12:1). Our spirit does not understand or comprehend the idea of quitting – it does, however, understand winning! Keep in mind, as well, winning for the individual with spirit is NOT always finishing first. Often-time, just crossing the finish line is considered a victory.

In the “race of life” we have our greatest challenge (Acts 20:24). Winning may also mean different things to different souls (1 Cor 9:24-27).

Be a winner when faced with any challenge, large or small, so that your spirit grows and strengthens itself through your faithful use of its essence – The Holy Ghost of God Almighty (2 Timothy 4:7)!

I pray for peace of spirit for each of you and may God’s Will be done in your life both now and forever more.

In Christ’s Love,