Anyone Know the Distance Between Heaven and Hell?

I am sure I do not. Frankly, does anyone want to find out? Are there those that choose not even to think about it? Should not we have some idea so we do not accidentally start sliding the wrong way.

One can ask many questions about this subject. So let us just focus on the simple issue of where one is spiritually, in relation to the “self.” Also, we might take a peek at where we stand in all of this.

I was talking with The Holy Spirit a day or two back asking what I should be writing about on the Blog for next week. He did not answer me as I expected. Into my feeble little brain came this picture (idea) of a graph. The graph will show the relationship between eternal life and eternal death, with all points between. Now, honestly, I am not sure if this is exactly what my first question was up at the top of the Blog (please someone tell me what Blog means and should I capitalize it or not). I do not think feet or miles can measure this. Regardless, let us see if we can come up with some legitimate ideas. I am going to show you below what The Holy Spirit first led me to:

Spiritual Distance

Let us begin with, “Living Totally in God’s Will.” Each one of us will have our own interpretation of this idea. To me, it means that one totally, 110% trusts in God about and involving everything on this earth. This also includes Heaven and hell both past, present and future. One holds NO reservations, what so ever, about anything and everything when it comes to holding to the Will of God. As importantly to each of those who live near perfection in remaining in God’s Will is the open line of communication that is available both ways – from God to us and from us to God (Gen. 28:12; 2 Sam. 22: 10-30; Nehe. 9: 13-15; Psalm 144: 5-8).

Considering the middle section of the graph (Unsaved…), again, this will have varying meanings to each and everyone. For our purposes, let me take a shot at explaining my perception.

To me, this is that area of both worldly and spiritual existence for many, if not most of the world’s population. In this part of the graph, maybe it is the people who have never met Jesus, The Holy Spirit or God Himself. With them, are those that know of God, but are still motivated mostly by “self.” Over all, this area between Heaven and hell provides space for people that have not completed the “unforgivable sin (Matt. 12: 31-32).” There is still an opportunity for them to find Jesus or intercession by others on their behalf (1Cor. 7: 14-16). They still have not reached the far end of the graph through hardening their hearts by allowing “self” to reign superior to The Holy Spirit of God on every issue and in every matter.

At the far end of the graph as we said above, are those who have lost all chance of forgiveness and are condemned to eternal hell. They have placed their “self” in a superior position over The Holy Spirit in every instance in their worldly lives. At a certain point, their hearts become so hardened the Holy Spirit is blocked from all communication with them. At that point, sadly, their spiritual lives are over eternally and they have become spiritually dead.

So where does this leave us on the distance “thing?” Well, I am not so sure it is about “distance.” It appears to me to be about how one will let faith live throughout their soul and spirit. Pure faith in the Trinity draws a soul ever closer to a true “oneness” with the Trinity.

If we replace distance with the concept of degree of faith in God, we might find the way to discover our own position or location between Heaven and hell. The more you keep faith with God, the farther to the left side of the scale you are in life. Of course, the opposite is true, as well. The less you keep faith with God the closer to the right side of the scale you are in life.

How do we know whether we are keeping faith with Him or not at any given moment? This question is more easily answered by one’s individual spirit. For me, I am learning (as recently as last week) the intensity with which I must deny possession of my soul to my “self” and Satan. Thus, my spirit will reign from within my soul. Now, here is the tricky part for me. I must take my spirit, which at that moment controls my soul, and demand that it hand over the item in question to God’s Holy Spirit immediately. It is not that my spirit is to “share” the issue with God’s Spirit for “consultation,” but for total resolution by God Himself! It is His Plan working through my soul that keeps me and my actions within His Will.

Just a little personal sidelight: I have found it to be successful to face Satan’s temptations of worldly needs, worries and desires by repeating strongly to myself, “I have no need but for my God in my life!” Simplified, “All my needs are in God!”

Another avenue of rejecting Satan’s devious ways is to say, “Look Bozo, God answers all my needs and wants so take your story to him and tell him all about it. I do ONLY what He says to do. It is His call, so get out of my face and go get in His!” It is amazing how peaceful I suddenly get when old Beelzebub slouches out of the room. Oh, I know he will be back. That is what he does. But, God Willing, he’ll get the same treatment next time and all the other times he attacks me.

Well, I hope we discovered some things about where our faith is on the scale of “Saved to condemned!” Until next week, Lord Willing, I send each one of you my prayer for many of God’s Blessings to be upon you and yours. Have a great and Blessed week!

In Christ’s Love,