Heaven, Hell Or Nothing…Are You Willing To Roll The Dice?!!

As a believer, if I’m wrong…it won’t matter. If I’m right…it becomes my “forever!!!”

Maybe you have never spent a great amount of time in consideration of this question; or maybe you have. Either way, you already know in the depths of your heart the choice of answers.

Wait a minute, you say…”What is this ‘question’ you’re running on about?” The question is: “What happens after I draw my last breath in THIS world?” To my mind and spirit there are three potential answers.

First…nothing. There is no “other side.” No Heaven! No hell! Just a nothingness follows this life just lost. So whether you “were a believer” or not: it simply doesn’t matter!! Thus, one’s belief in an eternal afterlife would, in the final analysis, be totally and completely meaningless!

However, there is a second and a third possibility! In the second, a true believer in The Salvation of Christ WILL open their spiritual eyes on “the other side!” In this case, one’s faith in Christ will have paid off BIG TIME – Eternally and Forever!!! (John 3:16) After our “rest” or “sleep” (after worldly death) we will awake within Jesus’ New Jerusalem and it will be our home for a “thousand years” (Revelation 20:5-6) (Revelation 3:12) (Revelation 21:2).

Then there is the third answer: “Eternal hell!” Take a minute and let this one “sink in.”

In this life, we have a moment; a minute; an hour; a day; a month; and then some amount of years that we will experience and live through. But Eternity…that’s an all together different reality – conceptually and physically!!! This being true: hell, like Heaven, will be eternal!”

So, the simple definition of God’s “Eternity” is “forever!” This is also the condition that those who have died from the world will experience after they are awakened or raised from their worldly death. (Isaiah 57:15) So, let’s just leave it there – “forever!” Please remember though, based on how we lived our worldly lives and the decisions we did or did not make while in the world will determine whether we awake for OUR Eternity in Heaven or in hell!!! (Matthew 12:36-37)  Either way, THERE IS NO END -EVER!!

If Heaven and Salvation are an Eternal Experience, then so shall hell and damnation be an eternal experience!!!

Our life in Heaven or, God Forbid, our life in hell will be made of either Heavenly Experiences “forever!” or hellish experiences “forever!” No breaks…no time outs…and no “do-overs!”

Our lives in Heaven are imagined by us in the most wondrous and enjoyable terms!!! Our lives in hell are imagined in the most horrible and painful terms!! Let’s just look at a few descriptions of hell.

In this world non-believers think of worldly death as being a “permanent” condition. On the other hand, believers of God’s Holy Word understand our worldly life is our “first life” and our worldly death as our “first death.” Further, we as believers understand that Eternity offers two options to those who experience worldly death: first – heaven; second – hell.

One’s “final” destination in Eternity is dependent on one having accepted Jesus’ offer of Eternal Salvation (John 14:6; 2 Timothy 2:10; Hebrews 5:9) or not. Eternal Salvation is, of course, our second life and, Praise God!!!, it is “forever!!!” Option two, very unfortunately, is the “second death.” (Revelation 20:14) and it too is “forever!!!”

We are told that in hell, the burning of the sinner’s flesh by the “unquenchable fire” NEVER ends!! (Mark 9:44) (Revelation 20:10) Second, we are told that in hell the “worm” never ceases its reason for being…to tear, rip and gnaw on human flesh “forever!” (Mark 9:44) Third, (and we’ll stop here in the Bible’s descriptions of this place of eternal death) a sinner’s ears will hear the “gnashing of teeth” of themselves and others experiencing the same horrible pain of eternal hell!! (Matthew 13:50) (Matthew 24:15).

So, it’s not “rocket science!” If you and I are believers and we die to this world and there turns out to be “NO” Heaven, then for you and me it simply doesn’t matter! However, based in and on Biblical fact and Prophecy of “The Here-after,” our decisions in THIS worldly life are CRITICAL!!! It will determine where we will spend our ETERNAL lives. Will it be in the Wonders and Love of God’s Heaven or the indescribable, never-ending pain and rejection of hell.

Okay, do we totally disavow that there ever has been or ever will be any kind of god of the universe (called atheism)? Do we acknowledge God in our daily lives, but still let our needs of “self” be the predominate and guiding force of our existence in this world? Or do we just keep putting off our search for the Truth of whether or not there is, in fact, a God (these folks are known as “agnostics”) until it is too late? Or do we pray to our God, asking for Him to always be the Guiding and All-Knowing-Force within our day-to-day lives while we are on this earth?

Sure! I think we will know and agree on what we “should” do!! However, we initially convince ourselves how “hard” it will be to accomplish it on a day-to-day basis. But please never, never forget!!! This is “DEFINITELY DO-ABLE!!!” He will NOT leave us helpless if we will just commit daily (no “trying” allowed) to staying on His Desired path for each of our individual lives!!!

We commit to the belief and faith that we will receive Jesus’ Eternal Salvation into Heaven. But if we outright reject Him or just “try” to follow our Lord and Savior – The Holy Spirit, at some point (Known only to Him), takes our spirit back unto Himself. This is often called, by many, the only “unpardonable sin.” The moment this occurs our eternal fate is sealed and after worldly death, we will “die the second and eternal death” (Revelation 20:14), thus receiving pain and damnation in hell “forever!” That’s it – end of story!!

Yes, this will be either the Eternal Beginning or eternal end to each of our lives. Each of us must choose correctly or be eternally damned…but wait!! Maybe this Heaven or hell thing is just a bad joke people down through the centuries wanted to trick us with! Okay…but do you really want to take that chance?!! I don’t and we pray that you don’t either!!!

So here’s where the final choice “makes it or breaks it” for each of us!! We take the world’s promise that this is all there is!! You close your eyes for the last time and that’s it – it’s done, it’s over!! But if that is just another worldly lie perpetuated by satan and there is “an Eternity,” what then?

Our choices are between the incredible Offer of Jesus’ Eternal Salvation and satan promising us that “there is no tomorrow.” Additionally, satan will say that even if there is a God, He wants us to be happy so we should choose to live our lives based on our selfish wants and desires not God’s long since out-of-date Commandments.

So, what works for you in the “long term?” Want to roll the dice? We pray not!!! On this day, 1/1/11, we ask you NOT to take a chance, but learn of Jesus and His Eternal Love for you. From the prospect of Eternity – what do you have to lose? You know the answer – your Eternal Life!!! If you accept His Offer – you have EVERYTHING to WIN!!! Given you DO open your eyes after your last breath in this world – do you want to hear your immediate SCREAMS from indescribable PAIN or see Jesus’ Loving Face?!!

We fervently pray you will NOT choose to “roll the dice!!!” Your choice: the devil’s burning hell or Jesus’ Eternal Heaven?!! “Praise Him from Whom all Blessings flow!!!” AMEN!!!