“Be As A Little Child”


God and sin are like the proverbial “oil and water.” One cannot exist with the other – ever! God had to cast Beelzebub and his followers out of Heaven when they turned to sin. Likewise, once satan brought sin into the Garden, he, along with Adam and Eve who had sinned the original sin were cast out of the Garden which was Created as a “Perfect” Place.

This is why Jesus had to come to the earth as a human. He was God in human form! Otherwise, God never could have returned to earth because of all the sin that exists here. Only being in human form could Jesus (capable of sinning) function within this world dominated by satan. He had been given His Power from God and could act for God.  Jesus was Given an Agenda by God and He was Asked by His Father to complete that Agenda. God is able, due to His Righteousness, to use His Power to take the things that satan and his followers commit and make something good out of the results of each sin. Often, He works through His followers to make these “good” things happen. Often, when we on earth see one of these works by God happen, we call these things “miracles.”

It is difficult for humans to grasp this, because they believe God to be all-powerful – and He Is. But it is a different reality than that here on earth. Frankly, God’s Reality IS the true Reality!!!  We, as humans, have formed our questions and their answers to best suit ourselves.

“Mommy, can I go on the swings? Please, Mommy, I want to go on the swings!”

“Daddy, I was chasing Charlie and I fell and hurt my knee and its bleeding!”

“Mommy…Daddy, I made your Christmas Cards all by myself!”

Yes, any parent has heard one or more of similar statements. You might have heard the statement: “In the role of a parent you must listen to your children!” Its popular to refer to being a parent as playing a “role” in this life. Maybe sometime it feels that way to many parents. However, if “our” personal relationship with our God were to be described as Him “playing the role” of our Heavenly Father, it would probably make each of us feel that our relationship with Him wasn’t quite as “strong” or “permanent” as we would want or expect it to be.

Why are we willing to apply or even accept for ourselves this “temporary” or “limited” descriptive obligation to our very own child, whether naturally born to us or adopted by us? Even if we do accept this definition of parenthood, would we want it to be descriptive of our Heavenly Father(Revelation 1:8) (Malachi 3:6) (Acts 17:29) (Hebrews 12:9-10)?  He might be there on a limited basis now and then…I don’t think so!

Well, parenthood by a mother, father or by our God is not temporary (Malachi 3:6) unless it is seen and believed to be that way by the individual – child or parent. However, through the child’s eyes and heart, that person or persons they initially “connect with” soon after their birth is most often believed by them to be their total and complete bond necessary to their existence within their environment.  The child will always believe that this person or persons are or were their parents. Their parents are or may have been fantastic in their “role” as their mother or father. However, sadly, their parent or parents may not have been all that great or they may even have been violent or abusive.  If you or I have not yet “connected” with our God and we have yet to know Him as our “Heavenly Father,” then the reality is that we have yet to be “born again” into Eternal life!

You or I might say, “But we believe “in” God!” or “We know there ‘is’ a God!”  Yet, we have not seen or believed Him to be our “Eternal Father” or our “Eternal Parent.”  Well, if you or I have not yet accepted God as our Eternal Father, then where does that put us in this Eternal Life thing?  Simply put: NO WHERE!

“Yet, less one be as a little child, one cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven” (Mark 10:15).  “If you see me, you see the Father” (John 14:6-7) (John 14:11).  “No one can come unto the Father unless by me” (John 14:6).  “Unless you be born again you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven” (John 3:3).  All of these and so many other scriptures say to each of us: first, we must be as little children (spiritually) to get into Heaven;  secondly, to know our Heavenly Father, we must first know Jesus; thirdly, we must spiritually and mentally “choose” Jesus as our Savior so that we be allowed to enter Heaven; finally, and most importantly, we must be “born again.”  We must be “reborn” of the spirit.

No matter how you want to say it: to become Eternally saved we must be re-born not of the physical body, but we must be re-born of our “spirit.”  There is no other way to be Eternally saved!

In past writings, I pray we have agreed that at birth, God Breathes a very small part of His Holy Spirit into each of us (Genesis 2:7).  This now becomes, individually, our spirit!  Our life from birth is led by our selfish wants and desires.  At some point these questions arise, “Is this way of life adequate for me?” “If there is an ‘after-life,’ will I automatically be accepted into it?”  “Do I have to do anything or think a certain way to qualify for this ‘after-life’?”

Given the teachings of God’s Holy Word, The Bible, we know the answers to the above questions.  Yes, from birth, we are led and act as directed by our selfish desires.  At some point-in-time, we either are exposed to another Christian and see God’s Radiance and Love reflected from this Christian and/or we just are not happy with our lives and look for a better and longer lasting alternative.

Okay, now where does this “little child” thing come in.  The chances are, we are in our later youth or are adults when these realizations become both evident and important to us.  But we “MUST” be a little child!  As we said above, we have a piece of God’s Holy Spirit within each of us from birth.  So this “spirit” within each of us was and is already alive when God “Breaths” it into our newly born physical bodies.  Thus, our spirit MUST be reborn…and how do we do that?

At this point, before our re-birth, our spirit is more or less dormant – in other words, it is not recognized or used much by us in our daily, moment-to-moment lives.  Through some occurrence or just general dissatisfaction as to how our life is going, we look for a change.  Prayerfully, we don’t just seek another worldly place or status for our “change,” but realize there is nothing in this world that will satisfy this internal yearning to “return home!”  We may have some indescribable urge or need to go back to some indescribable place that we feel an indescribable connection with, but we just can’t figure out how to get back to this indescribable place again.  So, if all of theses urges, needs, desires and lack of directions are ALL INDESCRIBABLE, then what do we do, why do we do it and how do we get there!!

Thankfully, the “Word” has spread down through the centuries and all through the many “lands” of this world.  The “path” back to our “Home” is made known to us by God’s Holy Spirit!  We cannot hear this “call home” with our human ears, we must listen and hear with our spirit.

As the calls of God’s Spirit become louder in our day-to-day lives, our spirit begins to stir…why?  Remember, our spirit is born of God’s Spirit!  But we must consciously reject the world and all of its “offers and temptations of selfish happiness!” We must offer our spirit back to God for it to be “born again.”  Upon our “re-birth” we must now let our “born again” personal spirit become the dominate and driving “life force” within our physical being.

What must we do to be “born again?”  Is there someone who can help us achieve this “re-birth” of our spirit?  Yes!!!  His Name is upon the lips of every eternally “saved” Christian…JESUS!!!

Does Jesus become our “mid-wife?”  Not really.  Our spirit was born into our physical body as we have already established.  So, if we “choose” Jesus to be our Savior from life and all of its selfish and immoral sins, He will receive our existing spirit unto Himself and turn and offer it back to The Holy Spirit of God from whence it came.  If we are sincere in our request for Salvation from this “life” and the eternal death it offers and ask redemption for our many sins, The Holy Spirit will welcome our spirit Home!!!  First, we were born “of” The Holy Spirit and now we are born “into” The Holy Spirit – and yes, we are “born again!!!”

So, how did we get to this point?  We recognized that the “self” driven ways of the world did not make us happy like we thought it would.  We searched for a better way.  Our spirit led us to the one path to Salvation…Jesus Christ!!!  We asked His Forgiveness of our sins (and they are many) and committed our undying spiritual love for and to  Him.  Jesus accepts our sincere request for redemption of our sins and for our Eternal Salvation…guaranteeing a second “life” rather than a second “death!”  Thus, we have now been re-born of the spirit.

But tell me about this “child” thing again, where does it really come in?

A new born baby has complete and utter dependence (trust) on someone outside of themselves.  If that trust is not answered, the baby dies a worldly death!

This person or persons are, most often, the baby’s parent or parents.  However, immediate caregivers are in this little helpless baby’s trust as well.  As the days pass, this baby developes a very special attachment (like none other found in this life) between themselves and the parent or parents.  This little child has complete dependence on that person or persons nurturing and caring for them.  It does not take too long for this young child to begin to see what a strange, demanding and, at times, very cruel and frightening world they have been born into.

So this deeply instilled devotion and dependence continues to grow and develop.  However, from a young child’s perspective, the dependence or “trust,” if you will, is irrefutable and will never, ever be broken!  It is inconceivable to this young child that their parent or parents would ever NOT be there to take care of them and meet their every need!

Sadly, the baby or young child must begin to deal with the realization that their parent or parents are “human.”  They begin to learn what being “human” means.  From this small child’s point-of-view, it means that over time, those they have trusted with their well being are imperfect and not very dependable under all circumstances.

With God, this cannot be so!!!  We must be Perfect as He (Jesus) is Perfect (Matthew 5:48)!  As Adam and Eve fell from God’s Grace because of their choosing to give up their perfection to satan’s temptation to sin, so must we attain Spiritual Perfection to be acceptable into God’s Eternal Love!!!

So as a child has irrefutable trust in their parent or parents, so shall a “child” of God have irrefutable trust in his or her Eternal Parent as well.  God cannot become “human” and “fail” His children (1 Corinthians 1:9)!!!  As well, our spirits having become “Perfect” as He (Jesus) is Perfect (Matthew 5:48), then we cannot ever fail our Heavenly Father!!!

Okay, so when we ask Jesus for forgiveness and ask Him to let us take Him as our Savior, we do it as a little spiritual child.  We are asking to “return home” to our Heavenly and Eternal Parent…God Almighty!!!  We enter God’s Eternal Kingdom as a little child so that we may Eternally grow in Him and Eternally know the Glory of our Father!!!

It is our prayer at BlessedBooks.com (BB.com) that we each find Spiritual oneness with our Savior, Jesus.  This will allow us on the Day of Judgment to step forward at the Call of our personal Savior, Jesus, and be personally introduced to our One, True and Everlasting Parent…God, our Father Everlasting!!!  Amen!!!