An Expression of Faith

A short time ago I heard about this YouTube video while watching a Fox News broadcast.  The Commentator stated that the video had gone “viral” around the world.  After watching, or better said, experiencing this video I realized why there has been such a far reaching acceptance of it.

I am totally confident that this, when experienced,  is something that will “uplift” the Spirit of most every Christian!!!  So I want to make sure that each and every person who reads this post will have the opportunity to involve themselves with it.  As a Christian having experienced this video I can say without hesitation, “Everyone who does watch it will feel his or her Spirit soar about as close to Heaven as one can get and still keep their feet on this earth!!!

There is said to be about 2000 people involved in this tribute to our Lord.  After the fourth or fifth time you experience this video, start looking behind and to the sides of whoever the cameras might be focused on at that particular moment.  This gives you an even better idea of all the various ages, shapes and sizes of some of the others so energetically involved.  Each of these approximately 2000 individuals are gladly showing their enthusiasm and Spiritual Love for our Lord Jesus!!!

From little children to the elderly, most all are radiant with their smiles and bodily expressions of their faith.  Please recognize the commitment and devotion to our Lord that they each would have had to have to learn and create this incredibly meaningful tribute to our Jesus’ Rising!!!  Also, what does all of those thousands of empty shoes at the end represent to you?  I’m not sure, but just two words come to my mind: “The Rapture”!!!

Please scroll to the bottom of this page and go over to the right where you see the large icon for “Soaking in the Secret Place.”  Right below that icon is a “pause” button to turn off this site’s background music.  Just click it and our music should stop.  I suggest you turn up the volume on your computer to a comfortable level.  Once you click the address and the video box comes up, I further suggest that you move your cursor down to the lower right hand corner and click to achieve a “full screen.”  Now left click your mouse on this link: “Dance Your Shoes Off,” and prepare yourself for an incredibly uplifting Spiritual experience!!!  God Bless you and truly ENJOY!!!

p.s. Please leave us a comment below as to your thoughts and feelings regarding this video.  Thanks.