Got A Minute?

You know I’m really busy today, could you come back tomorrow?

If that’s what you want, I’ll come back tomorrow.


I’m sorry, I’m on my way out , leave something if you like.

Okay, I’ll just leave a copy of my book.


Listen, I’m trying to get this report done that will make my co-workers look like a bunch of chumps – some other time, okay?

If that’s what you want, I’ll try to be waiting when you have time.


Hey, got a minute?  Listen, I’ve been really busy and I know you keep knocking on my door a lot.  What is it you’ve been wanting – does it have anything to do with that Bible you left the other day?


Well you’ve ignored me so much, I really wondered if I would recognize you when YOU CAME TO MY DOOR!

Fortunately, I do seem to remember you and we definitely need to talk.  Oh, and by the way, I have all the time in Eternity to spend with you.