Happy Father's Day God!!!

…and Happy Father’s Day to all of us dad’s, as well!  Holidays such as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day were intended to be a celebration of love, respect and devotion to one’s parent and grandparent.  In most homes, I would imagine, this is how these holidays are celebrated.  

On occasion, though, it is not quite as happy as a family might envision.  Unfortunately, there can be one or more children not on the best of terms with that particular parent – if not both parents.  Likewise, there may be grief over a loved one who has recently passed on. These less-than-happy celebratory days are, thankfully, earth-bound in their reality.

Regarding these “less-than-happy” parenteral days, I wanted to address those of us who do feel a little empty for the above or similar reasons on these, otherwise, joyous celebrations of ourselves, parents and grandparent’s special days.  We find, in these circumstances, an almost resistant feeling within those of us that view these days without the joy that others celebrate during these occasions.  

Earth-bound feelings are imperfect to start with and may or may not be something we relish or celebrate.  However, the very positive point we must make here is, “Do we celebrate (good or bad) within our ‘self’ or within our ‘spirit’?”  Earthly celebration can be happy.  However, sometimes there is a “but” inserted within the “good” feelings derived from whatever celebration we may be involved in.  

From the past Blogs on this site, we’ve spoken extensively regarding the complete difference between living in the “self” and living in the “spirit.”  So, if our Father’s Day celebration or the other celebratory times of the year seem to have the “edge” taken off of it or is, at best, unsettling, then leave your “self” behind and let us get into “THE SPIRIT!!!” 

My Father went “Home” several years ago.  Miss him as I do, I know that he celebrates his salvation constantly – and what could be happier for him?  He and all those who have gone before us, know our Heavenly Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and all of our loved ones who have preceded us into that Eternal Salvation that far exceeds any understanding or belief we can attain here on earth.

So what do we do to make happy days of celebration happier; and not so happy days ecstatic?  To start with remember what we have been taught through God’s Holy Word.  What “should” the relationship be between grandparents and their children and grandchildren?  In what elevation of respect and (hopefully) love should the children hold their parents?  In Proverbs 17:6 we are taught that “children’s children are the pride of the aged,…NIV.”  Further more, the parents should be “the pride of their children.”

I heard a preacher say one time, “Even if you don’t feel love for a parent or parents – ALWAYS RESPECT THEM!  I put the last three words in capital letters for a good reason.  The Fifth Commandment of our God begins with, “Honor your father and mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you…”  Here “Honor” and “respect” are probably interchangeable (Deuteronomy 5:16).  Again, it doesn’t say you must “love” your parent, because as human beings, when putting self-interest first neither the parents nor the child may feel worthy or forth-coming with “human love.”  God understands this and used the word “respect” as opposed to “love.” In a spiritual world this would not be an issue.

Whether it is the parent or the child described in Romans 1:21-22, it is not a desired or pleasing description.  In Romans 1:29-30 it is a sad and horrible description of children who do not hold their parents in “respect.”  Keep in mind, this could also be a “child of God” not honoring his or her Heavenly Father (Ephesians 1:3-5).  This scripture in Romans does end with, “they disobey their parents.”   

Again, a parent of this world that does not deserve love, does, according to our Heavenly Father, deserve respect.  Keep in mind the following is not a Biblical scripture, “those who give respect, get respect.”  Unfortunately that is a human saying.  So to be true to God’s Word, we must hold one with honor whether we have love for them or not.  Maybe not easy, but definitely necessary! To ignore this desire of God is to break the Fifth Commandment of God!

In most cases, happily, these celebratory days are felt and raised up to God in happiness and respect.  It completes a cycle of life for many of us (1 Timothy 5:4).  In God’s Wisdom, the younger generations should care for the older generations after the children have become grown and help is needed by the parents and grandparents.

I didn’t mean to focus on the downside of these celebratory days honoring mom and dad.  However, in this day of low self-esteem among children of all ages and less than moral rearing of the children of many parents, the cycle wanted by God has become “old fashioned” or in many cases, non-existent.  So, the Holy Spirit wanted me to reach out to all our visitors to this site.  No matter your or my circumstances on earth, our Heavenly Father awaits to thank each of us for those acts and days where we made Him Proud and glorified Him through our actions and service for Him in this world of denial and imperfection.

God is our One and Only Parent of Spiritual Life in this world.  Our earthly parents, in most cases, turn out to be Blessed Gifts from God.  Those that are not will suffer the circumstances of our Lord (Luke 17:1-3), because their sin of bad parenting is a sin of choice on their part.  

I pray for peace, safety and happiness for each of us until we come together again in this wonderful event that the Holy Spirit provides known as our “spiritual life” (1 Corinthians 2:13).

In Christ’s Love,