Happy "Spiritual" New Year!!!

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Due to health issues I have been on a year’s hiatus.  I regret the interruption of this blog and have been determined to return to what I believe is this Holy Spirit led endeavor.  I pray that those of you that have followed this web site in the past will return and find positive spiritual inspiration in what is offered here.  Thank you for your understanding and prayers!

In this new year (2010), we may find ourselves either where we want to be in life or, on the other hand, where we utterly detest being in this life.  The economy, job loss, health and family issues, among other things, can affect many things in our lives – most leading to our state of happiness or unhappiness.

Our worldly focus on things that satisfy or dis-satisfy our self interest can become so totally captivating, as well as, distracting, we can no longer see the path that God intended for us to travel when He first brought us to earth.  Well, one might say, “If God took some of these burdens off me, I could pay more attention to Him and His desires for my life.”

We have all found ourselves putting worldly issues ahead of God’s Desires for each of us.  Why?  We know that our “job,” or maybe better phrased, our “spiritual commitment,” is to accomplish just two things throughout our time here on earth – first, be the loving children of our Heavenly Father and, second, be a humble and grateful servant of our Lord.  Then why are we so focused on the things of the world?

I know from my own stumbling walk with the Lord, I often question why I’m supposed to focus on helping others for God’s Sake when I have so many daily issues of my own to overcome or keep in check.  Having been given “free will” from the time of Adam (Gen 2:16-17), we often allow Satan’s “world” (John 12:31,   2 Cor 4:4, Eph 2:2,   1 John 5:19) to become our point of focus and/or distraction.  God offers us a way of service to Him, which allows Him to fulfill both spiritual and worldly needs for each of us.  As well, He guides each of us “through” this world – not to help us be “part of this world.”  He is able to do this because He has freely given His only begotten Son (John 3:16) for our salvation from our sin.  Due to His Loving Mercy, we are each offered a unique path leading us through the world while not becoming part of the world (1 John 2:15-17, Luke 9:25, John 15:19, Romans 12:2).

How can we travel “through” the world and not become part of it at the same time?  It all has to do with “devoted focus” on each of our parts.

We have our job of employment or “day job,” along with worldly needs and pressures.  Then we have our promise of undeniable service to our Lord.  It is all so simple really, we often miss it! 

If our focus is on the worldly demands we’ve allowed to build up because we accepted the worldly claim on our lives, then we can not help but be on the end of the “yo-yo” string that the “world” jerks up and down.  Let us remind ourselves at this point, “Who controls the world?  Satan!” 

On the other hand, if we place our burdens of the world on Jesus (Mt 11:30), then we can follow His direction while keeping our spiritual eyes on the path for which He created us to follow.  Never forget: if we allow our “self” directed human eyes to focus on the dictations of the “world,” then our spiritual eyes are completely blind!

A key question to ask ourselves whenever we are not sure which “path” we are following is, “Are my actions directed by ‘self’ interest or God’s Interest?”  If the answer is directed to preservation of our “self’s” happiness and satisfaction, then we must place this issue before our Lord and ask the direction He Wants us to travel.  We don’t need to be concerned what destination He’s sending us to or even how we’ll get there.  Our spirtual “eyes” will see each step as we need to take it.  Step by step we will begin to build our trust in HIm that Guides us.

If we’ve allowed the world to “guide” in such a direction that we are in “over our heads” in the “mud” of life, then we must be aware that the world may make us pay the “toll” for our worldly acts and indiscretions (John 15:19, John 17:14-17).  Never fear!  Jesus has overcome the world (John 16:33) and if we let Him bear our Cross, we will follow him out of “Life’s mud” and reach pastures of peace, rest and joy (Ps 23:2)!

We must not see through “worldly” eyes.  We must always travel through this world and life following the path God has laid out for us, using only our “spiritual” eyes!  May God’s Peace, that passeth all “worldly” understanding (Phil 4:7) be our Guiding Light (John 8:12, John 12:46) throughout our sojourn here on earth!  God Bless each of us in this year before us!