Heaven and Earth – The Difference

We have established in earlier writings on this website that Satan is “the ruler of the earth” (John 14:30) and “prince of the power of the air” (Ephesians 2:2).  Thus, we can see that one of the ways God, through His Holy Spirit, works in this world is through His believers in Christ. 

There will come a day that all that Satan’s world has become will cease to exist for one thousand years (Revelation 20:1-3).  God will replace Satan’s world with His (Revelation 20:6) (Revelation 21:1-2).  So what will be the difference between Satan’s world that we live in today and God’s world that we will live in when the “one thousand years” begin?

How will we live compared to how we once lived – what will that life be like?  We know in this world of today we have hate, greed, immorality, war, disease, death, lies and disbelief in Christ, just to mention a few of this world’s many sins (Revelation 21:8).  We are enlightened in the Bible, as well, to the world in which we will spend these one thousand years (Revelation 21:3-7).

Let us take another moment to think how different our day to day experiences will differ from Satan’s old world to God’s world anew.  Let us also understand that these are but suppositions on my part.  These suppositions are founded in scripture, as well as Holy Spirit Inspiration. 

First let us look at some of what brings all the hurt and vileness into this world we currently exist in today.  Often, we perceive that there are good things and bad things that happen in our lives.  It is a bad thing if someone dies, becomes hurt or sick, or has some of life’s misfortunes.  It is considered a good thing if two people in love get married and have children, if someone gets a promotion at their job, if someone wins the lottery or if someone is considered successful in life by their peers. 

So why, in this world, do bad things happen to good people and why do good things happen to bad people?  In this world, we find our motivations are all to often initiated and energized by our desire to better ourselves in the sense of having more and better “things.”  Often, obtaining more riches and wealth, increasing our status in the world or just to exist and keep the few treasures we can hold onto becomes the over-riding motivation within our lives.  When many, if not most, of the world’s population are seeking the above, then it becomes reality that there are going to be winners and losers in this life.

Self-interest is a driving force within each of us.  Uncontrolled, it can devour both ourselves, as well as, those who surround us or that we come in contact with in some fashion.  Those surrounding us can be friends, family or others who we touch in some way in our day to day activities.  We often excuse this insatiable force within each of us by saying as convincingly as possible, “I’m doing this for my family and my job.”  Some of us will even include that, “I’m doing it for the Lord!”  Whatever our justification or outright rationalization, most often the end result is pleasing or glorifying our own self-interest.  Another rule for those of us that live mostly for our own self-interest is “The end justifies the means!”  With great pride we pronounce to the world, “I’ll do whatever it takes!”

Around the world, rich or poor, it too often is an issue of “me!”  “I want,” I must have,” or “I’ll do whatever it takes” becomes the mantra of our civilization.  If we “do it” for our family, then what have they lost by us not being there with them because we’re always out there “doing it?”  If the kids get to ride in the latest SUV, have all the latest electronic toys and their parents aren’t monitoring what their into on the Internet or with drugs, how are the kids truly benefiting?  This is not to say all families are excuses for a parent or parents to go after “all the marbles.”  There are certainly people who achieve and support the well-being of their family based on loving and trustworthy goals and ideals. 

Generation after generation within this world has made decisions as to the right or wrong way to live life.  It goes without saying that the world we know today is NOT the world our parents or grandparents lived in.  The public media seems as if it is on a binge of publicizing immorality and sinful behavior.  It would be a waste of our time to attempt to count the uncountable examples of just the efforts of “pushing the envelope” in the areas of immoral subject material and profanity. 

So let us look at the response to Parade Magazine’s (June 27th issue of 2010) questioning as to any changes in the FCC’s current “enforcement of rules against indecency…”  The FCC’s response was,  “the FCC remains committed to fair and appropriate indecency enforcement consistent with the First Amendment.”  Additionally the article read, “However, enforcement of rules against indecency is measured by contemporary community standards, which may evolve over time.”  Then, this being the case, when watching movies, TV shows (even the “nightly news”) and other mass media it is readily apparent that we and our loved one’s lives are morally degrading and deteriorating at an incredible rate!  Where will it all end?  It ends when the “one thousand years” begin! (Revelation 21:1-8)

We all have set personal goals.  All too often, though, the fulfillment of our goals take on a life of their own.  The original intentions, no matter how good and moral, get modified to meet our current needs.  As has been said in the past, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”  How will all of this change when God’s “one thousand years” arrive?

We know that the terrors and pain of Satan’s world will end with the beginning of God’s “one thousand years.”  There can be no fear, hate or mistrust, no need to overcome someone else so you can attain more personal gain.  With no fear, hate or mistrust everyone becomes equal within God’s Love.  No one can exceed others to attain more of God’s love and therefore a higher status or greater rewards in the new world.  Equality is perfection.  The Gift of Love is given equally to everyone.  No one can want for more than another because everyone is receiving even more than they have need for.

One’s life during this time might be growing crops to feed themselves and those around them.  Others may produce cloth for clothes for themselves and those around them.  Everyone will be doing their share for themselves, as well as others.  There will always be enough of everything for everyone.  Our needs will be simpler yet of greater meaning to others who love us in the Father’s Love.  We will not have a need to compete nor think bad thoughts of others who we fear will get what we feel is rightfully ours.  Fear is not a factor in the “one thousand years.”  Trust and love, however, is our inheritance from Almighty God (Revelation 21:7).    

So if there is no pain, tears or sorrow and we are continually filled with unbelievable joy and love for God and His other children, then why is it so difficult to achieve those same things in this world?  One word – Satan!  He is driven by his incessant hate and cannot let mankind achieve this level of love and joy in his world.  He must create evil, hate and pain within this world by using our self indulgent natures.  He offers us temptations and other distractions so as to pervert the lives of God’s children and thereby hurt God.  He knows about his ultimate “second death” (Revelation 20:1-3) (Revelation 20:10) (Revelation 20:14-15) and will take as many of us with him as he can!

It doesn’t seem like such a difficult choice for each of us to live our lives as if we are already in the “one thousand years.”  Then why is it so hard to make the reality offered us for our eternity replace our lives now in this world.  Most often we are caught in the trap of “making it” in today’s world.  We then ignore the one sure way to an eternity of complete love and happiness with our Lord God, His Son Jesus and His Most Blessed Holy Spirit.  In our daily walk down the many paths offered in this world, we must search and find the “one path” that leads each of us to eternal Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ!  If we will give our worldly lives to Jesus by committing all that is within us totally to His Service, then He will show us the way to His “one thousand years.”  The joy we will know in this “one thousand years” is only the beginning.  Jesus is wanting and waiting to lead us to His Eternal Home in Heaven! (Revelation 22:12-14)


Please Father, give us the wisdom and strength to deny the distractions and temptations that Satan assaults us with daily.  Let us hear that “small quiet voice” of Your Most Blessed Holy Spirit that lives within each of us.  Let Him Guide us through the evil pitfalls of this life until we can fall on our faces before You to praise and glorify Your Holy Name!!! 

Amen, Amen and Amen!!!