In The Beginning.

Hello, this is my first effort at my weekly Blog.  I sincerely pray that God’s Holy Spirit will lead me in sharing helpful thoughts and inspirations with you and others.  At the same time, the Holy Spirit might encourage you to share a positive thought or inspiration with me and other readers.  As you can see there is a reply area that you can use.  This will be a shameful waste of time if we don’t both grow spiritually from the Holy Spirit’s leading  and intercessions.

Let us begin by me sharing with you how I write within the Spirit.  As the Holy Spirit has explained to me, we have a “self,” a “soul,” and a “spirit.”  Our “self” include all of our worldly thoughts, ideas, wants and our physical body.

Our soul, to the best of my understanding, is a simple vessel that is indestructible Matt 10:28, not visible in this world, and takes on the essence of whatever it contains.  There are two dimensions that can fill our soul – our “self” and our “spirit.” Our God-given spirit is an identity, which is breathed into each of us sometime between conception and the birth of each human.  As in Genesis 2:7, God breathes “life” into us.  This is not oxygen to fill our lungs, but a small piece of His Holy Spirit.

It is important to know and thoroughly understand that our spirit is not necessarily a permanent fixture in our makeup.  We can live with our spirit throughout our earthly life and it can fill our soul that will pass with us from this life into eternal heaven.  However, one can pass from this life, condemned at judgment to eternal death rather than eternal life.  Leaving this world in death without one’s spirit immediately condemns that individual to the second or eternal death.  This is done by committing the “unforgivable sin.”  As described in Mark 3:29, Luke 12:10, Matt 12:31-32, there is only one “unforgivable sin” in this world.

This single “unforgivable sin” is when one blasphemes the Holy Spirit of God.  Not God or Jesus – that can be forgiven, but just the Holy Spirit of God!  Well, what is blaspheming God’s Holy Spirit?  How do we avoid doing this unforgivable sin?

When one excludes the spirit given to them at their birth by God Himself from their souls and proclaims their superiority over the Holy Spirit then they fill their soul with “self.”  Included are selfish desires, material greed, self-centered thinking and otherworldly thoughts and traits.  As such, their hearts have become permanently hardened.  The Holy Spirit and their spirit no longer have a place to live within the blasphemer.  This thus is the one unforgivable sin in the eyes of God and Jesus.

We must remember that the little piece of the Holy Spirit that God breathed into us to give us spiritual life will one day be presented before God.  As in the parable of the three servants and the talents Matt 25:14-30, God expects us to return our spirit to Him in greater proportion than it was given.  In essence, the more often we fill our soul with our spirit, the more it will learn and grow.  The opposite of that is not a place we should choose to be. 

In conclusion, it is my single wish to communicate with each of you with my soul filled with my spirit to the brim!  It would be my only request of each of you that you read these words in the “spirit” as opposed to in the “self.”

With this agreement between you and me, I’ll close this first humble submission within this Blog,  I pray God’s multitude of Blessings upon each and everyone of you.

 In Christ’s Love,