How Do You Get There From Here?

Your Life Is Going Where and How Does It Get There?

Your life, whether lived for “self” or “Spirit,” creates the motivation in your life,

Your motivation, if of the Spirit, will strengthen your soul’s belief,

Your belief, when strong, provides inner Spiritual Peace within your soul,

Your inner Spiritual Peace desires but one destination – Heaven,

Your destination attained – only one thing remains,

Your life, even as lived, will still fall far short of deserving entry,

Yet and even so, Jesus Gave His Life for the Price you could not pay,

So your Eternal Life is now Blessed with His Love, Peace and Joy!!!

But, sadly, if “self” over “Spirit” is your worldly choice,

Then live life in this world as you will and for as long as you can,

For the torturous eternal horror that awaits all who choose “self,”

Is unimaginable and forever when considered at its very best!!

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