The Holy Spirit Knows that I still have much to learn!

I offer my sincerest apology for my past writings regarding Jesus’ greatest Gift to all of mankind!  We learned in Genesis that God Breathes a little bit of His Holy Spirit into each of us at our birth (Genesis 2:7).  As my Spirit has grown within my soul, I’ve learned that He shares those things that He knows I can absorb spiritually at any given moment.  Of the many things which have occurred and are on-going in our lives, my wife and I do our (human) level best to remain open at all times to Him.

Recently, I have sensed that I needed to be made more deeply aware of the Truth of our Lord’s “Passion.”  Specifically, it’s in regards to fulfilling His Father’s Request for our Salvation.  This may not seem to many as a relevant issue or fact regarding the Crucifixion of our Lord.  Many look at His torture and Crucifixion as something called Easter…an excuse for little children to look for colored eggs.  To others, though, who were not fully comfortable with my original interpretation of His Word regarding this magnificent Event, again, I sincerely apologize.

My original effort to offer my interpretation of The Spirit’s Offering regarding “The True Passion of Christ” focused on the “Unpardonable sin” reasoning (Matthew 12:31-32).  Now it seems clear that in that moment of Spiritual Reality, Jesus turned from Desiring His own “self” Will to Desiring the Will of His Father (Matthew 26:39).  God’s Desire was for Jesus to abandon His Eternal Connection with The Holy Spirit (Matthew 27:50).  However, please do not forget the physical suffering Jesus Knew He would be forced to endure as well!  More importantly though, it was the separation from His Father’s Spirit that frightened Him beyond anything He, at that time, felt He could endure.

Even though, I believed there was more than adequate Scriptural verification of this understanding, I was always somewhat uncomfortable with other Scriptures that indicated that He Knew before that night in The Garden of Gethsemane what was about to happen on Calvary.  Honestly, I felt so moved by The Holy Spirit that I chose not to try to answer as a human why this was.

Now, I truly believe that He is taking me to the next level of my Spiritual growth within our Relationship.  However, I still question why I didn’t see God’s Reality for His Son before now.  Was there too much “me” in what I believed The Holy Spirit was sharing with “me”?  I pray one day I will be enlightened by The Holy Spirit about my question.

There are references in several places in the Scriptures that indicate that Jesus Knew what was about to happen on Calvary and the three days to follow.  In the past, I fully believed that Jesus Knew that He would descend into hell if He Willingly gave up His Father’s Spirit (the one Unpardonable Sin).  It’s now, though, completely evident to me that I did not understand the completeness of the outcome of His Decision.

Originally, I Spiritually felt that Jesus Believed that if He Fulfilled His Father’s Request that He willingly give up The Holy Spirit from His human Soul and then except the “sin” of death within His human body, He would then be condemned to an Eternity in hell. I believed that by Jesus giving up His Father’s Holy Spirit, He knew He would descend into hell and remain there throughout all of Eternity!  The Holy Spirit had been, and Jesus Believed would always be, His Link or “Oneness” with His Father!  To give up this “Oneness” would eternally condemn Him to live without His Creator and Father Whom He Knew and had Loved from the beginning of Eternity!  Yes, at that point, I believed that Jesus would reside eternally in hell, but inconceivably worse…He would be Eternally Separated from His Father!

Yet, there are Scriptures that specifically state that He knew that He would return to earth three days after dying on His Cross (Luke 18:33).  Now it has become Spiritually clear to me that our Jesus found it almost unimaginable that He could be separated from His Father through The Holy Spirit even for three days!!!  This being the case, imagine the utter and inconceivable Spiritual pain of our souls that you and I will suffer if we give up His Spirit before we leave this world!  This being the one “Unpardonable sin,” our souls will suffer this “separation” throughout all of Eternity!  Eternal damnation in hell will be the result of “our” decision to choose “self” over God’s Love for us.  In this world we cannot even begin to see what Jesus saw in a mere “three day separation” from The Holy Spirit of God!!!  Look at the Spiritual turmoil Jesus felt when “The Decision” finally faced Him in The Garden of Gethsemane a little before being taken into custody by the Temple guards (Luke 22:44).  Because of our Spiritual “blindness,” we have no clue as to the final outcome of our choosing “self” and “the world” over The Gift of God’s Love transferred to us by His Holy Spirit.

In Scripture, as cited earlier in this piece, we are told of God’s Request of Jesus that night in the Garden of Gethsemane.  We witness Jesus’ Willingness, over and above His fear of  human AND Spiritual death, to comply with His Father’s Request.  Finally, as pointed out earlier, we understand that Jesus knew His journey into hell would last three days.  As well, Jesus knew that for the Eternal Salvation of all mankind there would be but one choice…committing to the Sovereignty of God or the sovereignty of “self!”

Love is a willingness to “sacrifice” one’s selfish desires for the total and complete dedication to the one he or she truly loves.  It’s willingly placing the person or Being above everything of and in this world!  Can we do it?  Jesus Did!!!

Prayerfully, our answer is yes!!!  But for this to be we must continue to rededicate ourselves moment to moment to our Beloved Father, Son and Holy Ghost!!!  Will we fail from time to time…yes, we are imperfect humans.  But wait!  We cannot and must not use the fact that we are human as an excuse to block out The Holy Spirit from our souls!!!  Every time we fail or come up short in our dedication to our Lord, we must repent of that particular sin, ask His Forgiveness and return to dedicating ourselves to Him Who Created each of us.  Jesus was faced with losing His ability to Love His Father for just three days.  The Trinity Wants to save us from suffering that horror in hell for an Eternity!!!

Without a doubt, that’s the “True Passion of Christ” and the lengths that The Trinity is willing to go for the Salvation of you and me!!!