Honor of Soul – Honor of Spirit!

I am well aware that Good Friday and Easter have already occurred for this year (2008).  However, I feel moved by God’s Most Holy Spirit to share a few thoughts from that time with you.  Those of us who have given up “self” for God’s Holy Spirit to live within our soul (Galatians 5:24, Galatians 32:20) know of Jesus’ tremendous sacrifice to free us from the clutches of Satan’s temptations of sin.  We are free from the second death (Galatians 1:4) and instead are blessed by our Lord’s sacrifice for our eternal life in Glory!  We love you Jesus!!!  Tears of that love fill my eyes as I write these praises to You from each of your beloved and humble servants.  Praise be unto Your Name our Blessed Lord Jesus!!!

I had to stop a minute.  The monitor became very blurry.  Please remember, each of you are my Christian brother or sister and I write what the Holy Spirit fills my soul with for all of us!  So if today, for some reason, tears of joy do not fill your eyes when contemplating His Sacrifice for each of us, that is okay.  We’re the Family of The King (John 1:12) and the spiritual emotion of these humble tears come from within YOUR spirit!

Now I think I can get back to the intent of this blog.  We all have read the horrible torture and degradation that the non-believers made our Master suffer through.  Let us go back to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus retreated with His disciples (Matthew 26:36).

 In the human component there is a supernatural being called the “soul.”  In the “Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary,”  (Holman Bible Publishers, 2004, Pg.1522) it says the following: Soul  In Scripture and in the history of theology and philosophy, the word “soul” has had a varied and complex constellation of meanings.  Though it is often used in popular theology to refer only to the inner part of the person, the non-physical aspect of each human being, it is used in other ways in Scripture, as well.”

When we pray from the “spirit of our soul,” we are in direct contact with God through His Holy Spirit.  What better example than Jesus in Gethsemane praying to His Father to “remove this cup” from Him.  Again, from the Holman Dictionary used above, the following is said: “Jesus, with His soul sorrowful to the point of death, prayed three times that His cup of suffering might pass, but He was nevertheless submissive to God’s will” (Matt. 26:38-39, 42, 45).  

The point is that the soul is a “spiritual” component of our physical body – not a physical part.  So when Jesus prayed to “remove this cup” from Him, it was His human soul making the plea to God.  As a “human,” Jesus questioned God’s Desire for Him to suffer and die (as a human).  I am sure Jesus had some idea as to the pain and degradation He would suffer as a “human.”

Please do not mistake what I am about to write as “making less” of the pain and disrespect He was to receive at the Will of His God.  We are told and most assume that the “passion of Christ” is this pain and disrespect He receives from those determined to torture and kill Him.  I would suggest to you that, in reality, that is not the case.


Jesus’ ultimate acceptance in His Soul to do God’s Will put Him in a position of placing His Love for His Father over His Love for His Soul.  It was His human soul accepting His God’s Will to be tortured and killed to fulfill God’s Will for the Salvation of His people.

One might ask, “Well, wasn’t that what it was all about – wasn’t He agreeing to this horrific death that became His “Passion?”  I submit to you my brothers and sisters that this horrific death was not the true “Passion of Christ.”  

Notice the bible refers most often to the crucifixion of Jesus or “the Son of Man.” In the Zondervan Bible, NIV, 1990 copyright date, we see right before the beginning of Mark 9:31-33 it is written, “Jesus Predicts His Death.”  We must remember (Matthew 1:20-21) that the Angel from God told Joseph that Mary’s Child, conceived of the Holy Spirit, will be named “Jesus.”  This is His “human” Name – nonetheless Holy, but nonetheless human.

I know, where is all this going?  Well, the Holy Spirit brought to me one day sometime back that Jesus’ Passion was, in part, His “human” suffering, but that was just a small part.  You see, as I learned, Jesus became “The Christ” only AFTER “He gave up the Ghost (Spirit)” on the Cross.

Well, you ask, how MORE could He have suffered?  Well, He gave up the “Spirit” (Matthew 27:50) NIV or “Ghost” (Matthew 27:50) NKJV.  He gave up an Eternal Relationship with His God, His Father and His Father’s Holy Spirit or Ghost.  He let his human “being” fall to Satan’s Hell without the protection of God’s Spirit.  This was the “cup” He wanted taken from Him.  He did not want to give up this Eternal Bond of Holy Father and Holy Son!  He had NEVER, EVER been without His Holy Father.  He had never known existence without His Father’s Holy Comforter (the Holy Spirit)!


Someone loses a loved one they knew all their life and it is such a great and deep loss!  We cannot even begin to imagine how God, The Holy Spirit and Christ must have felt at just the contemplation of the Breaking of the Trinity, much less its actuality.  Brothers and sisters, I am led by the Spirit to believe this was the true completion of the “Passion of the Christ!”

After Jesus gave up the Ghost, the human Jesus’ body died on the Cross.  The Holy Spirit of God no longer was in residence within Him.  As long as the Spirit remained within Him, His human body could not die and the Mystery of our Salvation could not continue to Its Conclusion.  Little is known about what happened to Jesus’ Soul between the Cross and His Arising.  

We do not know just how Jesus conquered the Devil and Hell in that time between being laid to rest and His Arising from the dead as the Living Christ.  It is one of those many mysteries of the Bible that we must take on Faith.  However, the Holy Spirit wants to reassure us with some solid and meaningful examples:

1) (Luke 4:2) (Luke 4:13) Jesus went into the desert for forty days (Luke 4:1-2) and was tempted several times by Satan.  On every temptation, Jesus quoted a piece of God’s Holy Word and cast Satan’s temptations away.  He was tempted other times as the Son of Man, but His Pureness and dependence on the Holy Spirit as His Lifeline to God enabled Him to cast away Satan every time!  So it is safe, I believe, to say that Jesus the man did exactly the same thing in Hell.  

2) We all know Jesus preformed many miracles of raising the dead while here on earth as the Son of Man.  His Perfection as a human and the Power of the Holy Spirit within Him gave Him this miraculous Power.  In Acts 2:21-24 we are shown that man by his belief in the One Living God shall overcome death.  You see, this is God’s Example for each of us.  Jesus gave up God’s Holy Spirit that descended upon Him at His Baptism by John in the river (Luke 3:21-22).  Now He is Jesus, the human.  Perfect in every way, but human.  

3) The overwhelming difference between Jesus and us at that time is that we were BORN into sin (Romans 5:12).  Therefore, we were not and never have been “Perfect” as our Lord Jesus!

Jesus walked through Hell and defied and defeated it in His perfect Belief in the Love of God Almighty!  We are not able to do that because we were born into sin, therefore Jesus’ Sacrifice of His severing of His Eternal Relationship with God and the Holy Spirit has allowed Him to conquer Satan, Hell and death for our sakes! Praise be unto Him, our Savior, our God!!!

4) It is my speculation, but after Jesus conquered Satan, Hell and death, I believe the Holy Spirit of God filled Him once again and with that He arose from the dead.  (2 Corinthians 4:10) The Holy Spirit that raised Jesus as a Perfect Human from the dead will keep us from Satan’s Hell because of our undying love for our Savior, Jesus, the Living Christ!

Basically, Jesus was born and remained a perfect human until His Baptism of the Spirit with John the Baptist.  Jesus received God’s Holy Spirit and began His Miraculous Journey here on earth.  He gave Himself up to the non-believers and was tortured and crucified on the Cross.  He gave up God’s Holy Spirit on the Cross and as a perfect human being, he died.  He descended into Hell.  He overcame Satan again, conquered Hell and death and then received God’s Holy Spirit once again.  He arose from the dead and allowed those near Him to know of His Presence.  With this example his Apostles traveled the known world to show sinners the Salvation available to each for their belief in Christ.  The writer’s of the Holy Book have continued to share this Blessed Truth to all that can and will listen.


Praise be to our Lord and may He provide safe sanctuary this coming week for you and yours. Amen!

In Christ’s Love,