But What If…

Please allow me to write at the outset, “It is not my place to judge you or anyone else.”  I’ve learned, though, after many years of just caring about myself and what was “important” to me, my words alone will not change those around me.  Most of my life, I believed that I was a “good” person.  As long, of course, “I” was happy within my “self” and with “my” life. 

I reached a point, though, that I had to face a reality other than my own.  This occurred after having served our Country very traumatically as an Army helicopter pilot, after having had a fairly successful (by the world’s standards) business career and, finally, with the help of my wonderful and gracious wife, raising a family centered around our three beloved children (and now their wonderful spouses and nine wonderful grandchildren).

It was my choice to continue as I had been all these years or take an honest look at the “future” in the truest sense of the word.   However, it required that I face a “reality” far more expansive than my own and I wasn’t sure I was up to it.

I came face to face with this question when I read one day, “One second after you close your eyes for the last time in this world, what will the next instant bring?”  I realized that this question had three potential answers, of which two could change my “world” forever!  To me, the first option essentially meant that I should live my life in this world by what I thought was “best” for me and those I cared about.  Thus, nothing else really mattered in this “long and selfish” view of “my” life. 

But then, what if I did open my eyes somewhere else after closing them for the final time in this world?  There is no “scientific” evidence ruling out this potentially being the case!  Given the second possibility IS reality, this would be beyond anything I could ever imagine.  It would either be really great or really bad! 

Considering this potential, it definitely gave me pause to think about my life in this world and how it might affect my “life” if there is a next!  As I did my research of the major religions of this world, it was evident that given there would be an “after-life,” it would either be unbelievably “Heavenly” or unbelievably “hellish!”  For me, I found the most lasting and prophetically sound meaning to be found within the Christian Bible. 

I then had to face this reality: “If I lived my life focused only on my “self-centered days” of right now and no thought of there being an eternity, I could most probably open my eyes in a place that would, in fact, result in my eternal damnation!”  Not to mention the eternal and excruciating pain that we are told exists within this place of eternal horrors! But far more than that, I would have lost the eternal opportunity to know the Love of My Father – my Creator.  Second only to that, the thought of losing that eternal relationship with those so beloved in my worldly life because some of us chose “not to choose” or made the wrong choice for our individual eternities, broke my heart!

 So Heaven or hell, which will I choose?  Which will determine how I live my life in this world?  As I studied further, I learned in great detail the potential differences of my eternity, given my worldly life choices or lack there of.  If I choose to “ascend” to Heaven, there will be no pain, no hurt, no unhappiness, but above all, I would know love in proportions unimaginable in this world!  I would have a Heavenly Parent that would treat me and all my brothers and sisters as His beloved children.  Compare that incomprehensible happiness and satisfaction with the alternative! 

I won’t bore you with those details.  If you are interested you can find a King James or New King James version of His Holy Word, The Bible and learn as I did.  You might want to begin at the “end”…the Book of Revelation.  A small concordance of the Bible will be helpful for further verification provided by those who have been prophetically enlightened (for our sakes) down through thousands of years and many generations. 

Let it suffice to say, the descriptions of “gnashing of teeth” and eternal screams of pain will, as it did me, give you a chance to reflect as to if you want to spend this life with your soul filled your own selfish desires or the Perfect Spirit of God.  What I’ve tried to describe is a little about the “journey” that brought me to my “moment in time.”  And if the very next moment brings the “closing of my eyes” for the very last time in this world, will all of the above matter?  Maybe not, but what if…