May 21, 2011 at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time?

Today, May 21, 2011 at 6 p.m. Central Standard Time, is being proclaimed by some in this world that great and catastrophic disasters will befall the earth.  However, it is also proclaimed by some that “The Rapture” will occur  just before this world-wide devastation begins!

I will not judge those making these statements.  I will not agree or disagree with the belief that these things can and will happen.  What I will say to anyone and at anytime is that we are told clearly and plainly in God’s Holy Word, The Holy Bible, all of the following:  1) All of the above – the world-wide devastation; the Second Coming of our Christ in which all who are “Justified in The Spirit” will meet our Christ in the clouds just prior to the prophesied worldly devastation.  2) However, the Scriptures tell us that there will be those who come saying when Christ will return and all that will occur at that time.  Jesus tells us to “beware of false prophets” (1 John 4:1-3).  The Bible even says that there will actually be those who proclaim themselves to be “The Christ” (Mark 13:21-22).  3) The Bible records Jesus saying that even “He” will not know when the exact time of “His Return” will occur.  He clearly states that ONLY The Father knows the exact time this will happen (Mark 13:32-33)! 4) Jesus also tells us that “His Return” will be as a thief breaking into someones house at the least expected time (Luke 12:39-40).

Based on the above referenced scriptures, I can only believe that we will not “know” the exact time Jesus will call us up to join Him or when the worldly devastation that has been prophesied will occur.  Having said all of the above, does this mean that I and all other believers have got to be “on our toes” every moment of every day?  No!  But first, there is one over-whelming qualification: we must “live” our Christianity and not just “speak” it! Second, Jesus told us in His Scriptures that there will be “signs” to alert us that our Heavenly Father’s Decision will soon be coming (please read the 24th chapter of Matthew for this Biblical verification)!  However, God’s choice of when His Son will Return and the “time” between the “signs” Jesus alerted us to in His Holy Word are NOT determined by “worldly clocks and calendars!”  God does not operate on “our time” and we need to accept and get use to this Heavenly Reality!

Hence, we will never know the “time of God’s Decision.”  So what are we to do?  How can we get ready?  What will happen if we are not acting like a good Christian is supposed to be acting at the exact time He chooses for Jesus’ Return?  I’m sure there are more questions that would come to mind if we considered this Spiritual Reality very long.

So, is there anything positive that can come out of those attempting, good intentions or not, to alert everyone to get their “act in order” before this exact date and time they believe “The Return of Christ” will occur?

Remember we are instructed in The Bible that God will always make good things out of bad or incorrect happenings in this world (Romans 12:19-21; Romans 8:21-28, 31; Psalms 34:15-22; Genesis 50:20).  So what do we know that would be good that will come from this human and worldly prediction of worldly devastation and that Jesus’ Return will all occur today, May 21, 2011 at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time?

The “good” is that it should re-affirm for all believers that no one, not even Christ Himself, can know the time of His Return!  Thus, we should be – no, we MUST be ready!!!  Ready for His Return by “living the Christian Life” every moment of every day (Matthew 25:11-13)!!!

Is this truly possible – after all, we’re all “human.”  No, sadly for Jesus and ourselves, each of us will backslide, mess up and just plain make mistakes!  Daily, we too often let “self” determine our actions and thoughts.  Only the Holy Spirit of God can Know when any one of us has put “self” in front of His Spirit one time too often!!!  This is Biblically Known as “the Unpardonable Sin” (Matthew 12:31-32, Luke 12:10).

However, we must remain diligent and always be on the “alert” as to the temptations and lies of the evil one, satan (1 John 4:1-6).  Satan has already brought his followers out to use this most recent “forecast” to demean the Concept of “The Rapture.”  If there WERE to be natural disasters at 6 p.m. tonight – even far greater than what the earth has experienced in these past months, don’t be at all surprised when satan and his followers use these terrible occurrences to justify them saying that, “Look, Jesus didn’t return after all, so how can we believe anything The Bible says.”

So please, let us take each and every day as the “possible” last day and live our lives accordingly!!!  Only then will we be able to partake of The Eternal Salvation provided by our Lord and Savior, Jesus!!!

Praise be to our Lord!!!  And whenever His Second Coming does occur, we are so looking forward to Eternally knowing each of you!!!


P.S.  Unfortunately we could not get this post finished prior to 6 p.m., May 21, 2011 due to events outside of our control.  Please note that this post was completed on May 22, 2011!  Whether it’s two seconds, two days, two years or 2000 years for the Second Coming and The Rapture to occur – ONLY GOD KNOWS the exact time and date!!!  However, each of us must live our lives as if in the next second it could be the Reality of Eternity beginning for each of us – in one of two places!



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