Is Faith Really Blind?

The joke goes something like this:  An elderly retired man named Harry was having trouble making financial ends meet.  He had reached the point of just being tired of his lifestyle of living hand to mouth.  So one day, he gets down on his knees by his bed and prays to God.  In his prayer Harry asked God to let him win the Lottery drawing the next week so that he could start living a financially better life.  After a week passed, Harry reads in the paper that there was only one winner and that was a lady in another part of the state. Very frustrated the old man gets down on his knees by his bed and prays, “God I asked you to let me win the Lottery this week and some lady across the state won rather than me.  How come I didn’t win God?  A deep voice from above spoke loudly to the old man, “Harry, at least buy a TICKET!”

We would all probably agree this exceeds most people’s definition of “Blind Faith.”  But what is blind faith?Does the Bible speak of “Blind Faith?”  Is it really meant to be “blind?”  Does it not appear that we should take a closer look at “Blind Faith?”

We’ve all heard the saying, “Well, you just have to have blind faith!”  Blind would indicate that we have no connection with anything outside of our being involving this thing we want or want to have happen (Deuteronomy 28:29).  Many accept their unsubstantiated belief that this will happen without further input from themselves.  This would indicate that they should probably just sit and wait for whatever they want to happen or occur.  Their belief being that this will take place because they choose to depend on another entity or being to cause it to happen.

Well, if life, in general, is any accurate indication, blind faith leaves something to be desired.  So let us come to an understanding that blind faith is founded in the “physical world (John 9:25) (Galatians 3:12).”  Faith in the unseen is founded in the “spiritual world (Matthew 9:22) (Galatians 3:11).”  

What degree of faith, we might ask, do we need to have and in who do we need to have it in?  Matthew 9:29 sets the standard for results.  How much spiritual faith you have determines the outcome of your need.  We must put our faith in God (Mark 11:22)!  Jesus is our example of faith (John 12:42) (Matthew 6:30); the Holy Spirit is the purveyor of our faith (Hebrews 2:4). 

The Bible does not, to my knowledge, speak directly of “Blind Faith.”  In John 9:6 the Bible references the passage of, “I was blind, but now I see…”.  this was spoken by a man Jesus had healed of blindness.  

My spiritual belief is that God expects us to look forward and have an expectation of completeness to our spiritual lives.  He gives us specific talents, both spiritually and physically, to address the opportunities for Him to exercise His Will in our lives.  We must KNOW that His solutions to our difficulties have been worked out before we were born and we must believe and see the existence of that solution as God has made it (Jeremiah 1:5).  That does not mean we see the details of His solutions for our lives ahead of time.  It does mean that with the knowledge of all the other times He has shown His immense love for us, we understand that the solution does, in fact, exist.  

It is important to remember that to fret, worry and fear makes any kind of thought physically blind!  Keep in mind that FEAR means:

F: false 

E: evideance

A: appearing 

R: real

We look at things in our lives and “falsely” assume that is how it will always be or even get worse over time.  We take situational emotion and call it “evidence.”  “Appearing” is just what it says: something or things that give off a certain feeling or emotion that may or may not be accurate and real in the final analysis.  “Real” is “in the eyes of the beholder.”  If the worldly “beholder” finds their needs answered by God, but not in the manner they had requested, it may not come across to them as “real.”  If they allow the world to direct their lives and emotions, “real” may be anything but reality.

Have faith in the eyes of the Holy Spirit.  He was left for us by Jesus and, so often, we fail to ask for His help, much less listen to Him for our guidance through this heartless world we exist in.

It would do all of us well to remember about the “spiritual world” compared to the “physical world” we talked about last week.  If we live in the physical world, we are at the mercy of  life and Satan’s follies.  If we live in the world of God’s Holy Spirit, we already know the outcome for us and our believing loved ones – eternal life in heaven!  That is about as solid as it gets.

Until next week I pray for each of you and your safety, happiness and the wondrous love that God offers you each day.  Stay well and joyous in His Spirit and the love of Jesus Christ His Son given to and for each of us.

In Christ’s Love,