You Live, You Die!

You Live You Die (downloadable .PDF)


Many, as I, believe our time on this earth is known only to One.  You and I are responsibile for each moment of whatever time we have lived and have yet to live in this life.  And then our time within this life ceases.  Is that it?  We live, we die!

Many believe there is something more after this life here on earth.  For others, the question remains, “Okay, what, where and why?”  In our worldly minds, we all have to deal with this question up until we draw our last breath in this world. However, if we live within The Spirit of God, we are given direction in that regard.  First, there is an Eternal Afterlife.  Second, there are two alternatives for us to choose from.  Those alternatives are ultimately Eternal Heaven or Eternal hell.  But, as so often is said, ” The devil is in the details!”

A major detail we must consider is, “When can I make this choice?”  Will I just have drawn my last breath in this world and open my Spiritual eyes in the next and be immediately faced with this choice?  Sadly for all, no.  The decision will already have been made!  Our life on earth, how we lived it, our honest desire for redemtion through our Lord Jesus Christ will, in God’s Eyes, determine the answer!*  We will Eternally face His Decision after we draw that last breath in this world!

True, from the first to the last human within this world:  “You Live, You Die.”  Please, we must all make our choice NOW…NOT LATER!!!


* There is the Spiritual Reality of Intercession to The Holy Spirit of God!!!  We’ve addressed this Blessing before and I’m sure it will arise for discussion sometime in the future – given we don’t wait too long.







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