Man, Times Are Getting Stranger Or What's Left Of Our Future!



Revelation 22:10-12.  Revelation 22:7.  Matthew 24:14.  Daniel 9:27.  Revelation 17:5.

There are many, many more references to the “END” of life as we know it.  Let us be honest with ourselves and each other…these abominations, wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24:4-8) are inevitable at some point in time (Matthew 24:42).  (Mark 13:32-33) Only the Father knows the time of Christ’s Return.

Cults and impersonators of both Prophets and Jesus down through the centuries have proclaimed the exact date or year or generation as to Christ’s return (Mark 13:5-8).  Obviously, none have fulfilled their claims and predictions – and I, personally do not believe they can or ever will.

Some interesting thoughts occurred to me a week or two back.  What if the world does begin its catastrophic end in this generation or what if it started in the last generation or the generation before?  You know, it truly does not matter when the destructive ball began rolling, it is just that it did at some point in time.

Will we see the “Second Coming” (Revelation 1:7) or will we be part of it?  Or maybe neither.  Yes, we can let our spirit dream of this magnificent time to happen. 

Neither you nor I know the date and time either.  This is what it is all about.  Us knowing it HAS to happen the way the world is progressing into self-indulgence and savage cruelty, but there is, of course, no way that we can know the moment Jesus will return!  This encourages, if not forces us, to live each day and night as if it were our last on this earth and one day before Judgement!  Do we live our lives this way?  I try most times, but I fear I fail miserably.  Maybe if we get a taste of Hell it will scare some of the same out of us.

Let me get back to the thoughts that occurred to me last week.  Follow along with me (and remember this is not scriptural, but just my insanity rambling around): 1) A major conflict occurs and the U.S. is unavoidably pulled into it.  For  example, Israel and Iran go after each other.  We must stand with Israel against Iran and any other Middle Eastern country or countries that decide to become involved.  Another example: Our “friends” in the Middle East decide to bring us to our financial and cultural knees.  How long would it take if Saudi and their cohorts in the Middle East cut off our oil supply completely.  All of the many Middle-Eastern companies that own major corporations in the U.S., what if they just shut them down.  Consider the job loss, tax loss. etc.  What would really make it interesting is if China being the world’s third largest oil consumer went in with our “Friends” in the Middle East and closed down all the corporations they own in this country. plus consume the oil that would have been kept from us.  We can’t drive to work even if we still have a job.  Our economy would plummet economically, agriculturally, and a government that would verge on anarchy.  

Would all of this be the tell-tale sign of the “End Times?”  I seriously doubt it.  It may be part of the Tribulation (Revelation 7:14), but much would still be to come!

Please forgive my doom and gloom.  But I share my thoughts with you, for the reasons stated early.  If you have ears then listen, if you have eyes then see:  these happenings are telling us to be ready night and day.  We (and I surely include myself) have to be ready and alert not only to the increasing evidence, but remembering our own days are numbered.  We need to live EACH day as it could be The Last Day for any of us! 

Please keep in your soul and spirit that we CAN have Heaven ON earth.  We can have the Joy and Bliss of the Holy Spirit while in this world.  We, however, MUST keep God’s Commandments, our Covenant with our Lord and our soul filled with God’s Holy Spirit!

To another subject: no responses on my Freddie and John question.  I was praying that at least some of you would be more engaging with this little story and spiritual thought exercise.  I will hold my response until mid-week for next week.  Come on my Christian Sisters and Brothers, help this humble old follower of Christ out – Okay?

Again, my prayers and thoughts go out to each one of you.  I pray for a terrific week coming up for each of you!

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In Christ’s Love,