(Mark 1:10) The Spirit Descending On Him Like A Dove!

The title version of this scripture is from the NIV version of the Holy Word.  Another version from the NKJV is as follows: And John bore witness saying, “I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and He remained upon Him.” (John 1:32)  

Now I am not referring to pigeons, but doves – that’s for you northerners ;o).  Seriously, my wife and I have several bird feeders in the back yard.  We get Blue Jays, Starlings, Sparrows, an occasional Woodpecker, etc.  The one bird that overwhelms all the others in number is Doves!  I’ve sat and watched them come in for a landing on a feeder or branch and get this special feeling.  You see, they often land like a painting I saw some years ago of the Holy Spirit (symbolized as a Dove) descending upon our Lord as He arose from the river where John the Baptist had just baptized Jesus with water.  The Dove’s wings were spread out as it descended and it was vertical above Jesus’ head.

The Dove appears to have attained some special significance in God’s Holy Word.  There are a number of references to Doves in the Scriptures.  In Genesis 8:10-11 a Dove was used to find dry land by Noah.  Psalms 55:1-8 tells us of someone in dire straits can seek the “wings of a Dove” – remember in John 1:32 the Dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit of God.  Is it “spiritually” too much of a stretch to think or better- believe that seeking the “wings of a Dove” would be asking the Holy Spirit to rescue you; guide you, enlighten you or bring you forth in the Spirit of God?

Either Isaiah 59:11 or Ezekiel 7:16 could be read that their “moaning” (groans) in each case is not unlike what the Holy Spirit does for you and I when He intercedes for each of us and the Saints.  (Daniel 7:18)  (Daniel 7:27) These last two scriptures are more to define the term “Saints,” but also elude to the Lord bringing those Home who have kept the “Faith” with Him.  Finally, in Matthew 10:15 we are told the difference in the symbolism of snakes and Doves.  The snake Jesus characterizes as being “shrewd” and Doves as “innocent.”  It’s not scriptural, but I cannot help but make a mental comparison with Satan turning himself into a snake being shrewd enough to succeed in his temptation in the Garden of Eden. 

Maybe there are so many doves in my backyard so as to remind me that the Holy Spirit is readily accessible to each of us.  Whether we just need a little reminding of how much God Loves us or are really deep in over our heads and need guidance, immediate help or great “groans” of intercession on our behalf – He is just a plea and a prayer away.  

We must never forget, He Wants us on His Side – not “our” side, and we can return to Him at ANY TIME  “on the wings of a dove.” 

I give you my sincerest prayers and my love through Christ.  I pray that your week is safe, happy and Sacred!!!

One last thing, we all can pray within our spirits for the help and health of others.  I would ask that at this time you each say a small prayer for my wife and myself.  Thank you, in Christ!!!

In Christ’s Love,