The Purpose of Creation: Perfect Love!!! Part II

As we emphasized in Part I, God’s Perfect Love is the basis for all of Creation.  Be it the animals, birds, fish, humans, the environment of our world and, of course, the entire universe; each was Created from God’s Perfect Love, as well as FOR God’s Perfect Love.  God only requested that His human creations have the fear of adoration for Him and that they return The Pure Love to Him that He had Blessed them with at their Creation.  Think of it, God gave everybody and everything its existence and Eternal life.  God gave all living beings the safety and security of His Perfection.  Further, all humans then and now were asked to devote their personal desire to His Love and, thus, Him.  Selfish desire could not exist if His Request was followed and honored.  Of course, this would always be contingent on His Perfect Love for them and theirs for Him.

In God’s Perfect Paradise of Love, His human children would never want for anything or need anything necessary for their fulfilled existence and Eternal happiness.  God only asked Adam and Eve, to never break His one Commandment so that this incredible life, in its perfection, would never end. God had Blessed the first two humans through His Love with “free will.” He Knew that the pureness of His Love would be returned to Him through their honoring Him by their obedience to His single and only Request.  Thus, it was Adam and Eve’s “choice” to or not to obey His one and only Request of them.

The result of their choice to disobey God has affected all of this world and it’s inhabitants from their decision to disobey their Creator until this very moment!  One could ask, “But this is God, can’t He Forgive Adam and Eve and ‘just forget about it?'”  Oh, but He did Forgive them!  Remember, when He gave them this Commandment, He affirmed with them that if they broke this single Commandment, “they would surely die.”  However, their sin was satan driven so He Graciously Granted them Mercy.  Thus, he did not take away that “life” He had Breathed into them upon their creation.  Through His Forgiveness, He saved them from immediate physical death and, ultimately, Eternal Spiritual death as well!  Upon Adam and Eve eating the “fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil” they then knew of both “good AND evil.” As a result, God removed the right of “mortality” that He had originally given them.

I pray that I’ve offered an effective presentation of the “beginning of time.”  I humbly place all my effort in letting His Spirit flow through the words that I type and, I pray, you read and consider.  So at this point, let us move ahead in the direction of understanding how the “circle of His Perfect Love,” in our world, was “supposed” to work! Further, let us look at how His Perfect Love continues to exist and can still be functional within our world today.

Worldly love has many aspects, both positive and negative,  “Perfect Love” is simple and direct in its Being.  Why would I use the word “being.”  If it’s a Being, then that would make It a Living Entity.  In my humble attempt to take an incredible Eternal Truth and reduce it to simple basics, I pray it will allow us all to understand, believe and, through faith, live again within His Perfect Love.

In 1 Corinthians 13:13, we are told the three most important things in the universe, as well as all of Eternity, are “Faith, Hope and Charity.”  Further, Jesus tells us that these three elements of Eternal Life are critically important in each of us living full and happy lives reflecting His Glory!  However, there is but one that soars above everything else in Eternity…Charity!!!  Let’s define each of the three elements to better understand God’s Desires given to us in this scripture.

In the Scriptures (1 Corinthians 13:13), our “faith” in The Holy One is critical to our lives in Eternity!  The definition most meaningful to this scripture regarding our “faith,” is from Webster’s Dictionary and it says, “belief and trust in and loyalty to God.”

Next, our “hope” is our sincerest Spiritual expectations based in our Loving God.   Hope is defined several ways in the Webster Dictionary.  The first definition of “hope” is as follows: “1: to cherish a desire with anticipation.”  To me, this heavily implies that current day “hope” is something that is “a roll of the dice.”  It may or may not happen as we desire.  The second definition offered by Websters is designated as the “archaic” meaning “as used in the past.”  So, in Biblical times, Webster’s Dictionary tells us that hope is defined as: “to desire with expectation of obtainment.  2. to expect with confidence.”  This, of course, is the definition of “hope” that applies in this discussion.

Well, that leaves the third most important element – “Charity.”  Referring to Webster’s Dictionary one last time, we are told that the meaning of “charity” can be found in the Latin word, “caritas.”  We are told that the definition of “caritas” (charity) is “Christian love.”  Jesus states in 1 Corinthians 13:13, that “charity” is the foremost of these three most important aspects of both this life and the next.  Why?

Everything in Eternity – literally “everything,” is based in and on “The Perfect Love of God!!!”  Think of it, if our every thought, word or action was generated, motivated and created in His Perfect Love that was originally Intended to be within each of us – what would this life be like?  Would there be hate, lust, selfishness, sickness, death, war, “natural” disasters and on and on and on?!!  With God’s Perfect Love throughout every aspect of “life,” none of these detrimental and hurtful conditions that are in this “imperfect” world today could even begin to exist!

In Scripture, we are led by His Spirit to deal with everything founded in His Rock of True Love, Jesus.  Matthew 22:36-40 tells us that when one of the Pharisees asked Jesus, “Master, which is “the great commandment” in the law?” (itallics are mine).  In verse 37, Jesus succinctly laid out the “role” of “love” in God’s Desired Path for all of mankind.  First and foremost and with no reservations, all of our “love” should be given (returned) to our Loving Father, God!!!  In verse 38, Jesus states without hesitation that this is the first commandment.  In verse 39, Jesus goes on to inform the world what the “second” commandment is.  In this verse we are shown the degree of love we give to our neighbors must be equal to that we hold for ourselves.  Finally, in verse 40, Jesus states, without any doubt, that “On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”  It is my Spiritual understanding that the “Law of Life Eternal” hangs on these two commandments which both describe God’s intended use of His Love.  As well, Jesus asserts that God’s Desired use of the Love He has placed within each of us is to also validate the Loving Truth He has Given us through His Chosen prophets.

God Created this world in and because of His Perfect Love.  Humans destroyed this “Perfection” through their own selfishly based desires motivated by the founder of “selfishly based egotistically driven desires” – satan.

Look at each and every imperfection or hurtful issue in the world of Adam and Eve through this very moment.  You will find it ALL based not in God’s Perfect Love, but in man’s and nature’s “imperfections.”  All driven, in one way or another, by human “self-love,” most definitely NOT God’s Perfect Love.

A study just released (August, 2011) from the Pew Research Center entitled “Forum on Religious and Public life, Rising Restrictions on Religion” gives its findings regarding the ever-increasing hostile or negative responses to various major religions throughout the world today.  The Study breaks its criteria down by the number of countries today that experience a substantial degree of specific hostility toward one or more of the world religions.  Some of the results of this Pew Study are:

Religion                                     Number of countries with hostile purposes toward this specific religion

Christianity                                                                                  130

Muslims                                                                                        117

Others                                                                                           84

A Nationality/Religion

Jews                                                                                              75

Hindus                                                                                          27

Buddhists                                                                                     16

Per this Study, the best country in the world in their respect and tolerance of other religions is Japan.

What does all of this mean throughout this world to every living being and those yet to be born, as well as and the environment in which they live?  For humans it means that if the population of earth wanted to turn this breakneck charge to utter destruction and genetic suicide around, it would mean turning from the “self-driven” priorities through which we direct our lives.  Most importantly, every human on this planet must stand upon the Rock of God’s Perfect Love throughout the remainder of our worldly lives!  Will this save our planet from some major “natural’ disaster or a series of man-made disasters?  In the next hundred years, probably not.  However, we can change life so incredibly for the better for all the tomorrows remaining in this life.  Will it go back to being ‘The Garden” of Perfection and Love?  Sadly, no.

However, life’s meaning will be re-directed to God’s Original Perfect Love both in Reality and Quality.  So many who would have followed their self-seeking desires to their Eternal doom, will be given a stronger and more permanent opportunity for Eternal Salvation!!!  Again, this is ONLY possible within and through God’s Perfect Love!!!

In summary, what assures us of this today?  Have you ever seen (maybe you have done it yourself on occasion) a person stop on a sidewalk somewhere to pet another person’s dog that they don’t know and have never seen before?  Of course you have.  Not known to the person doing the petting, God’s Perfect Love has created both the opportunity for His Love to be given from this person’s soul to another being of this world (all be it a dog).  Most dogs, given their “world-shaped” personalities, will respond in kind to “human” kindness.  It may be a wagging tail or his tongue appreciatively licking your hand; God’s Love, for those few brief seconds, has made the “full circle!!!”  The result of this exchange of His Perfect Love (no strings attached) returns to God the very same Love He Placed within all species upon their Creation.  In the second chapter of Genesis we learn that God gave Adam responsibility for all of the animals, fish and birds within Eden.  Further, God let Adam name each variety which would deepen his bond (love) with all of these creatures of which God Brought forth even before Adam was Created (Genesis 2:19).

So unfortunately, it would seem that these “exchanges of His Perfect Love” are decreasing by the hour within this life!  Our alternative to this suicidal direction our worldly life is heading is to live an assured life of “Eternal Salvation” given to us by our Lord Jesus!!!  As we are told in multiple places in The Scriptures of His Holy Spirit, God is LOVE (1 John 4:8,16)!!!  We live within His Perfect Love and are Eternally Saved or live a life of self-directed worldly desire and be eternally lost!!!  He IS coming back and it will be as a thief in the night (Matthew 25:13)  We won’t know the date or time of His Return – The Moment of His Return is Known ONLY by The Father!!! (Mark 13:32-33).  PLEASE PREPARE YOURSELF for Eternity…The Scriptural signs are all existing at this very moment for His Return!!!  In the very truest sense, there is not a moment to waste in preparing ourselves for His Return – NO, not ONE moment!!!  Give prayer that we all, as well as our loved ones, are ready for His Return!!! (2 Thessalonians 3:5)!  For it’s not a question of receiving Christ as our Savior “just in time!”  But it’s a matter of being ALREADY Saved and in His Service when He Returns!!!  If not, we will be looking into His Eyes on Judgment Day and admitting that we heard “His Knock” many times early in our worldly lives but purposely delayed opening the “door” to our soul just so we could keep living our worldly lives right up until “the last minute? (John 12:48)”  I can’t begin to tell you what His Answer would be, but what would you answer if you were Him?!!

We, at all costs, must remember what we’re told in 1John “…God is Love.” (1 John 4:8,16; 2 Corinthians 13:11)

God Bless each of us and all of those we love and care about.  May we trust God to  be with us all until the Trumpets Sound!!!








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