No Self-Reproach

For many years, my wife and I have experienced a nightly prayer.  Starting in the latter part of the 1980’s, we began including a daily reading from a book that a dear friend had sent me after I had lost my job.  He had lost his job some years before.  Just before that, his wife had been given a copy of the book by a friend.  She gave it to my friend, her husband, and told him to start reading it.  Her friend had made one stipulation about passing the book along.  She asked that my friend’s wife never give away the copy of the book that she had given her.  If she wanted to share the book, she must buy a new copy to give to the person she wished to share it with.  So, this stipulation was passed on to us.

Well, as I said earlier, we ‘ve been reading it for over 25 years.  I’ve been told by a Christian bookstore owner that this daily devotional is always in the world-wide top twenty of all Christian books sold each year since it’s first publication in the mid-1930’s.

The name of the book is “God Calling”.  It was written by two women in England.  They had before and still were experiencing great difficulties in life during the writing of “God Calling.”  They truly had a great need of Spiritual Support from Jesus.  During this time they lived together, they began a daily prayer vigil.  Upon completing their verbal prayer each day, they would sit with a blank sheet of paper and a pencil in front of each of them.  Then they would write whatever our Lord shared with them.  Upon completion of “God Calling,” they turned the manuscript over to a well-known editor by the name of A. J. Russell.  Till this day, the cover of “God Calling” reflects A. J. Russell as the Editor.  Inside the book you will learn that the two women who actually aurthored the book simply describe themselves as “The Two Listeners.”  It’s assumed down through the years that no one except Mr. Russell actually knew who these two ladies were and, of course, their names.

Let me state at this point that I’m sharing one particular day’s devotional writing of “God Calling.”  The day of this devotional reading is June 27.  The copyright date and copywriter of the copy I have is “1989 by Arthur James Ltd., Evesham, UK.”  The brief quotation, but one day out of an entire calendar year with no compensation involved, is July 27, as stated above.

The following is my use of this quotation of July 27th extended to exhibit the incredible Spiritual communication between these two women and our Lord Jesus, The Living Christ!


No Self-Reproach


The Eternal Arms shelter you. “Underneath are the Everlasting Arms.”  This promise is to those who rise above the earth-life and seek to soar higher, to the Kingdom of Heaven.

You must not feel the burden of your failure.  Go on in faith, the clouds will clear, and the way will lighten – the path becomes less stony with every step you take.  So run that you may obtain.  A ridged doing of the simple duties, and success will crown your effort.

I had no words of reproach for any I healed.  The man was whole and free who had wrecked his physical being by sin – whose palsy I healed.

The woman at the well was not overwhelmed by My “Thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband.”

The woman taken in adultery was told, “Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.”  She was not told to bear the burden of the consciousness of her sin….

Remember now abideth these three, Faith, Hope, and Charity.  Faith is your attitude toward Me.  Charity is your attitude toward your fellow man but, as necessary, is Hope, which is confidence in yourself to succeed.


I pray all will experience the Spiritual uplift that I and my wife did upon reading these words.  If these words move you Spiritually as well, then I cannot recommend too highly that you go to your nearest commercial or Christian bookstore and purchase “God Calling!”  I would stipulate that you never give your copy away, but purchase each copy that you are “moved” to share with someone else.  Also, it will be meaningful to you both if you write a short inscription inside the front of the book.

There are so many stories of the remarkable effects that “God Calling” has had on it’s readers.  I’ve heard several stories of it actually keeping it’s reader from taking their own life.  One such event was shared with me by a family member who had shared the book with her sister after her sister’s husband had left her for someone else.  One night shortly after the husband’s departure, she laid down on her bed intending to take her own life with an overdose of sleeping pills.  She reached into the bedside table to get the bottle of sleeping pills but touched the copy of “God Calling” that my family member had given her and she had yet to begin reading.  She was “moved” to open the book before she opened the bottle of sleeping pills.  After reading this book for a period of time, she closed it and turned off the bedside light and went to sleep without taking any sleeping pills!!

“God Calling” may not have the same affect on your life that it has had on my wife’s and my life since the late 1980’s.  However, I truly pray that it will give each of your days an uplift that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.  But please remember, you will never know the incredibly positive affect that it will have on your life unless you buy the book!!  (and don’t forget, always buy a new copy to share with others).

May God Bless you!!!  He Created you so as to know your love and then you will be able to receive His Love…the Love of your Heavenly Father…Almighty God!!!