Sight Unseen!

What we see with our eyes may not be the same as we see with our soul.  I just read a book called, “When Goliath Doesn’t Fall” by Jody Conrad.  It was suggested to me by her agent Les Stobbe.  Parts can bring a tear to your eye, but it is well worth reading.  

One of the many things that caught my interest had to do with the private and personal level of spiritual contact available to us with The Trinity (God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit).  More precisely, communication through the Holy Spirit that involves you or me and the Trinity.  No one else is privy to the communication or act generated from the personal and private relationship we each can enjoy with our God.

In the Book of Joshua (Joshua 3:13), we are shown how the priests of the twelve tribes of Israel brought forth the Ark of the Covenant to the edge of the Jordan river.  God told Joshua to tell the priests to carry the Ark to the other side of the Jordan.  The moment the sole of the first priest’s foot touched the water of the Jordan river, God dried the water up.  The priests carried the Ark safely across a dry river bed.  

God told Joshua to choose a man from each of the twelve tribes of Israel (Joshua 4:1-2).  Further, God instructed to have these twelve men to enter the dry river bed and each select one stone and carry it to the other side of the Jordan (Joshua 4:3).  God went on to instruct Joshua to have the twelve men build an altar on the other side of the Jordan.  “…And these stones will be for a memorial to the children of Israel forever (Joshua 4:7).”  

Then Joshua did something that God did not ask him to do.  Joshua selected twelve stones for the twelve tribes of Israel and placed them where the feet of the priest carrying the Ark of the Covenant had stood in the dry river bed (Joshua 4:9).  Spiritually moved that the God of the children of Israel would dry up the Jordan as He did the Red Sea when they were led out of Egypt by Moses and himself, Joshua wanted to honor His God that day by building an altar no one else but God would ever see.  For when the Israelite priest had moved the ark to the over side of the Jordan, immediately the water began to flow again (Joshua 4:18).  So Joshua’s personal honoring of his God with the altar in the middle of the dry river bed, now became covered with water.  Joshua’s twelve stones placed to honor his God, “…are there to this day.” (Joshua 4:9).

Is it necessary for each of us to wait until God does something as equally miraculous as drying up the Jordan in our personal lives before we privately honor Him with an act of our grateful love?  We should hope not.  If that were so, each and every little miracle He works in our lives daily would take on less of a meaning to us.  We must never forget that it is the multitude of little miracles that get us to the few big ones in our lives!

So how do we recognize and honor these daily miracles?  The alarm goes off in the morning and you are able to open your eyes and begin a, hopefully, fruitful day – that is a small, or large miracle – according to how you want to look at it.  You did not die during the night and you have all the opportunities of a brand new day.  You get to work safely – another miracle.  Maybe it is Saturday and you get to have quality time with your family – certainly a miracle.  I know we take all of these things for granted and probably never considered them as miracles.  Yet, this past week I heard of a horrible wreck of a family driving somewhere in their van – only the mother lived and was in critical condition the last I heard.  The world and Satan collected their toll that morning.  

Could God have stopped the person who ran the red light and killed four of the five members of that family?  No.

“Well why not,” we would all ask?  

As hard as it must have been for God to let that family be destroyed, we must remember two critical points about our lives in this world: 1.) God gave men and women total free will to make or not make decisions regarding their lives and their affect on others through their decisions or non-decisions.  This “gift” from God was given in the Garden of Eden at the beginning of time as we know it.  God cannot go back on his Word or He would not be God.  To be God, He is “Perfect” (Psalm 18:32) – (2 Samuel 22:31).  2.) Since Adam and Eve gave Satan certain power over them by allowing themselves to be deceived by him rather than honor God’s Will for them, Satan gained access to powers he would have otherwise not had.  In (John 12:31) we learn that he (Satan) is Biblically labeled “prince of the world” and, further, in (Ephesians 2:2) Satan is called “prince of the power of the air.”

So since our ancestor’s Adam and Eve sublet the world to Satan in the Garden of Eden, we, therefore, are at the mercy of the prince of the earth and air.  Even though Satan must use deception and selfish human desires to work his despicable plans on and through us, we have been left with our “Comforter” (The Holy Ghost) (John 14:26) by our Savior Jesus.  

The Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit (the same Being) is our connection to God Almighty.  The Holy Spirit intercedes for us with God (Romans 8:26-27).  Rather than allow our “self” control our lives and actions/inactions, we must let our spirit have complete possession of our soul.  That way our spirit speaks directly to the Holy Spirit for God’s guidance.  

Whoever was driving the vehicle that hit the family in the van, might have made the decision to drink and drive, maybe talk on the cell phone while driving or any other of numerous “self-centered” decisions that could have caused he or she to run that light with these terrible consequences.  So could the Trinity of God stopped it?  No, and not remain the perfect God, Jesus and Holy Spirit that we can trust to be the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

So making it to work or the movies or home for Christmas safely are miracles.  What do we do to show God, personally, our overwhelming gratitude?  It could be a quiet little prayer between you and Him.  It could be a smile to someone you walk past that looks as if they could use a smile at that moment.  It could be a “God Bless you!”. at the end of a conversation with a person that you really have no idea what their spiritual preferences are.  It could be a quiet moment away from all the world’s many distractions where you simply be open to “hearing” Him.  Sometime, He just wants to “sit” with us – no conversation, just enjoying the nearness of each other.  What a Blessed opportunity!  He IS your God and He IS my God, so why not let Him know quietly and personally how we feel about Him, as did Joshua.

May your week be Blessed by the personal contact with our God!  Stay safe and well.  Register and let me hear from you through

In Christ’s Love,