The Bible: Most Quoted, Possibly Most Distributed And Sold, and least read!

Numbers 18:29

(NIV) You must present as the Lord’s portion the best and holiest part of everything given to you.


We own it, we reference it, we believe what is in it and yet most of us have never read it or studied it on a regular basis!  


  1. There is a Jew that persecuted Christians until his conversion.  What was his name and where did he receive his conversion?
  2. What is the third Book of the Gospel?
  3. Whose wife turned to salt when she looked back at Sodom and Gomorrah?
  4. Who wrote the Book of Revelation?

The real question we should ask ourselves is how do we start our day?  Do we spend ten minutes reading the morning paper; fifteen minutes catching the morning news on TV; Five minutes taking care of our hair; or an hour getting the kids and others dressed and fed and out the door?  For every question why didn’t you take five minutes reading the Bible, we have five excuses.

There are 39 Old Testament Books and 27 New Testament Books.  Many say that there are three separate sections of the Old Testament: Torah (Law); Neviim (Prophets) and the Kethulim (Writings).  The New Testament is known as the canon.  Interpreted as “reed,” it has come to stand for a way of measuring the authority within the Christian life.

Now, honestly, did all that mean anything to you.  Did it give you a “deeper, more sincere spiritual understanding of the contents of the Bible?”  If you have no reason to read the Bible from front to back, why waste your and God’s time?  “Look!  I read the whole Bible, cover to cover!  Whoopee for me!”  I don’t mean to be to cynical, but if one does not have a desire to learn certain points of concern, or have a specific, driven reason or a set goal, it’s pretty much a waste of time and effort.

Some call the Bible (especially the New Testament) the “Handbook for Life.”  Others read it to discover “Why am I here?”  Be whatever the specific goal is, there is a reason to search for facts, answers and direction.

Once you focus in on the “need” and “reason for being driven to find your answers,” you have found the “Why.”  Now let us look at the “How.”

There are CD-ROMs with study programs on the Bible that fit nicely in the car CD player.  There are written devotionals, and study guides that will take you through the entire Bible in a year.  These items and assistance materials covering the Bible can be used any time of day or evening – ten minutes less of TV and ten minutes more of God’s Holy Word!  

Try it, I guarantee you will like it!

Father, I know I don’t pay you the praise and glorification you deserve.  I know very little about your Holy Word.  None-the-less Father, you are the one true living God and you are my God!  Help me choose more wisely how I use my time so I may set an example for myself and those around me.  Time spent with Your Holy Spirit in Your Holy Word brings me closer to Jesus, our Holy Comforter and You.  Teach me Father, I want to learn!  In Jesus’ Blessed Name and through your Sweet Holy Spirit, I pray.  Amen!

Today is our God’s day, may we serve Him well! 

In Christ’s Love,