The Many Worlds We Live In And Around

It has been said “Be in the world, but not part of it.”  I am not sure where this particular phrasing originated, but in 1 John 2:1 it speaks of not loving “the world” which refers to the material world we currently exist in.  It goes on to say that anyone who loves this material world will not have the love of the Father.  Hence, “Be in the world, but not part of it.”  Well, if we are not part of the material world, then where are we?  

We should pray that our chosen world should be that of God’s world.  Another functional interpretation of God’s world, could be the “spiritual world.”  So for our purposes here, we have the “material world” of Satan (Revelation 12:9) and the “spiritual world” of God.   Within the material world we can find a multitude of smaller worlds – self. greed, lust, drugs, etc. Within the spiritual world we don’t find smaller worlds, but we do find the realities of love, goodness, righteousness, humbleness, faith, hope, charity, etc., all crafted by God to be contained in His spiritual world.  

As we walk through each day of our lives, we can choose the world or worlds we may live and function in that day.  To step outside our spiritual world and to enter any other world, whether through temptation or by accident, is to remove ourselves from God’s world and, therefore, from God Himself.     These other worlds are as near to us as a decision or choice that we would casually make with little or no thought to the consequences.  

It may be to enter, even temporarily, the world of gossip, greed, self-interest, or any one of literally hundreds, if not thousands of worlds that exist immediately outside of God’s spiritual world.  If we, through lack of attention to God and His needs, allow ourselves to venture into one or more of these other unrighteous worlds, then we have put ourselves at great risk to sin against God Himself.  

Keep in mind; there is no smaller sin or bigger sin than any other, save the one unpardonable sin of blasphemy of the Holy Ghost.  In my mind, I see myself enclosed in a protective bubble of God’s righteousness and love.  If I willfully step out of God’s Will then I put myself at great risk of becoming snared and hopelessly entangled within one of these other “worldly worlds (Mark 8:36).”  

Only by remaining within God’s Protection Of Righteousness can I pass through and by these other worlds of sin and self-interest without harming my own soul and ultimately sinning against my Heavenly Father.  When enveloped by God’s Holy Spirit you pass between and by these other “worlds” that in the past held interest and temptation for you and I.  However, when we are with our God these worlds of sin and self-interest are without effect.  There will often be times we will have to hold on to Jesus’ hand or wrap ourselves in the Holy Comforter (Holy Spirit) to stave off temptation and self-interest. But they are always there for us, given through God’s eternal Love. We will then pass by and even through these world’s of temptation and sin without an interest or desire for any part of anything outside our chosen world of God’s total and utter completeness!   

My prayer is that each of us will remain “wrapped” in the Holy Comforter that Jesus left for us to fight off the material world.  In this coming week, let us each ask ourselves at different times during each day, “Which world am I in at this moment?”  There will be those who remain outside of the spiritual world too long within each day of their life.  On one unknown and unforgiving day, through the accumulated strength of their sin, they will no longer care to or be able to re-enter the spiritual world, and, thus, will have committed blasphemy of God’s Holy Spirit, the one unpardonable sin.   This week let us remain within our spiritual world, Father!  We humbly ask this in Jesus’ name and through Your most Holy Spirit!  

In Christ’s Love,

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