Can I Trust You To Trust Me?

I originally was not going to reference any scriptures within this post. However, I was given these scriptures from totally unrelated sources after I wrote this post almost three months ago. I have not “researched” the scriptures that I’ve since included. Each of the three scriptures came from separate and unexpected sources. There is absolutely no worldly connection between either when or how I received these scriptures in the past three months after doing the original post! In Romans 1:17 we are assured that both the truth and validity contained herein, directly applies to both the title and content of this Post. The words “faith” and “righteousness” can be interpreted in this sense as “trust” and “The Perfect and Loving Will of God,” respectively.” This verse summarizes it all by stating that, “The righteous shall live by faith.” Again, “righteous” means “true believers in God” and “faith” means our total “trust” in The Will of God.

This is the second “edit” or modification since this post was first published. Since I originally posted this, I’ve learned from The Holy Spirit that there are a multitude of scriptures that support and verify this reality. Do we need verification all the time? No. Often though, our minds are put to rest, while, at the same time, our spirits are allowed to take over when exposed directly to God’s Holy Word – The Bible. On occasion, however, He provides physical and/or material verification through His Holy Spirit as occurred this time. This Spiritual Reality is something that I’m now Blessed to be able to share with you!!!

Isaiah 26:3 specifies that God (referred to as “He” in this particular scripture) will keep each of us in “perfect peace” whenever we reach a spiritual level that our minds are “steadfast” (committed) to the “trust” that originally existed between Him and His “loved ones” (Adam and Eve) in the Garden of Eden. Given that “perfect peace” (the eternal and Godly reality of “trust”) that can exist between us and our God and Father – only then does the opportunity exist for Him to “trust” you and me to “trust” Him!

Let me state we are all in this boat of Eternity together!! We must be very sure that we understand that there is no “one foot on the dock and one foot in the boat” in our actions or lack there of, regarding our Eternal Salvation!!! I and you must NEVER forget that ALL sin is just that, SIN!! I openly confess: “I’m every bit, if not more, of a sinner than you!!” But when qualifying for Hell – the degree of our sin is not an issue!! Our eternal life in Heaven is ONLY if we choose Christ as our Eternal Savior and follow Him into our Eternity and to forever join our Heavenly Father!!! Should we refuse to choose Christ as our Eternal Savior or we simply refuse to choose one way or the other and not make that choice at all, we will, in fact, determine where our eternal life will be lived – ETERNAL HELL!!

Simply, our trust that we do place in God is questionable at best. We ask that “Why God?” question of, “If you’re my God, my Heavenly Father, then why are you letting these bad things even come into my life?” God’s answer? Simple!!! “Give me your undeniable trust and you will spend your Eternity in my Loving Arms…and oh yes, I’ll get you through this world of sin as well!” Think I’m joking…study His Holy Word and you can see for yourself!!!

Most of Man and womankind have turned from God’s Perfection within this world. Many outright choose Satan’s imperfect and sin-filled world and thus willingly cease to “trust,” even to the point of doubting if there even “IS” a God!!

First, “Perfection” is The Will of God being Completed within every element of this universe. The lack of “Perfection,” we call “imperfection.” The first opportunity for “imperfection” as most of us know was Satan’s offer to Eve and Adam within the Garden of Eden to deceive and deny God His Right to His “Perfection.”

It’s always been God’s Desire down through the centuries, for all of His children to return to Him!!! Within His Holy Word, The Bible, He acknowledges that since the Garden of Eden, almost all of man and womankind have accepted a very imperfect world that their personal “sin” has created. This, of course, continues to exist even today. Second, all of us are far less than “perfect” in our continuous and ongoing trust in His Love for us regarding our life within this world of sin. Third, we remove His ability to help and guide us by choosing to use our “free will” other than to place complete “trust” in Him. Thus, we block Him from using His loving and protective power to guide and help you and I through these things that can do us harm physically, mentally and, most importantly, spiritually. Lastly, with our trusting of God being a personally convenient and, often, just a “now and then” thing on our part, we remove our spiritual ability to answer God’s offer of immediate, as well as long-term happiness and Eternal Salvation!!! Simply put, we’ve elected to trust ourselves and have thus, cast God out of our immediate lives whenever and wherever we deem it convenient!

Please!!! We must hear His Plea…He gave up “His only begotten Son” to the sin of death to save you and me from spending our eternity in Hell!!!

In Hebrews 11:6, the word “faith,” again, can be read as “trust.” This scripture specifically states that if we don’t have the “faith” or trust to believe that God at least exists, it will be “impossible to please God.” Simply as this scripture says, God “rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” Once again, God leads, helps and Blesses those who “earnestly seek Him.” Bottom-line, God has to Trust you and me to trust Him before our spiritual channel will be open enough to have ANY hope of His immediate help, much less our Eternal Salvation!!!

A solid and unchanging Trust of Him (your faith in Him) must continuously remain a condition of and within your moment to moment life! If your trust meets that standard, then so will His! This, simply stated means, within His immense and Eternal Love for each of us it is simply His Love irreversibly stating, “If I can trust you to trust me, then our trust is forever unbroken!” (as similarly stated in Romans 1:17). This allows our Father continuous and ongoing access to each of our life’s conditions at any and every given moment. Thereby, God says that His Loving Power will and is there with and for you and me every moment into Eternity!!! Again His Plea is for us to “trust Me my child, so that I can trust you to trust Me with your life and your Eternity!!!”

God Bless us all and a marvelously Happy New Year in His Name!!!