The Purpose of Creation: Perfect Love!!! Part I

Greetings my Brothers and Sisters!  I will try to Scripturally verify the statements of Truth and Faith that I’m led by The Comforter (The Holy Spirit of God) (John 15:26) to share with you today.  However, I’ve been put on some new medication with side effects that significantly tire me out both physically and mentally.  So I humbly ask your forgiveness and understanding if I’m not quite as specific in my verifications as I usually try to be.

My wife and I were seated on our back porch watching the enormous amount of birds and squirrels that congregate in our backyard after we put out their morning ration of birdseed and peanuts.  You see many things that one could possibly miss with just a casual glance at one of these creatures created by God through His Son, Jesus (Genesis 3:22; John 1:1-3, 14).  Watching this menagerie for half an hour or so most mornings, we see traits that are often found in another group of The Trinity’s Loving Creations – humans.

We see traits such as anxiousness, over-aggressiveness; selfishness; self-dominance; and love to name a few.  There are other traits, but these few are enough, I believe, to make the point.  All of God’s creatures have to one degree or another, some similarity of personalities.

The Creations of God’s Will were originally “Perfect.”  All are essentially made to exhibit similar traits under similar conditions.  So, why does The Holy Spirit feel it to be important that my wife and I learn of these similarities between God’s creatures within “nature” and that of His human creations?  Let’s look at a few definitions and the meaning they bring to the “natural” condition of all of God’s creations.

His Desire appears to be that His Love be shared by all of His creatures.  Keep in mind, throughout the Bible humans are told to “fear” God.  There are two definitions of the word “fear.”  The obvious definition is to be “horrified of” or “extremely scared of” someone or something.  Considering that God is All Powerful, if someone angers Him – I would certainly say that this would be the definition of “fear” that would be most appropriate.  So if one is caught up in this definition of “fear,” what is one to do – don’t forget that this is The One True Living God of the universe!  Well, in 1 John 4:18 we learn the “only” way out of this definition of “fear” is “Perfect” love!  We are told in this scripture: “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear…”.

However, let’s not forget there is a second, and to a Christian, a much more meaningful definition.  In this definition, fear is said to mean: Reverence and Adoration.  To revere someone can be said to be to “adore” or give “adoration” to someone.  One of the definitions of “adore” is the meaning of the word “love.”  We saw the power of “love” in the previous scripture in 1 John 4:18.  Love can also be said to produce friendship.  In John 15:15 we see that Jesus is removing any bearer of our original definition of “fear.”  He tells His disciples that He is no longer their “Master” and they are no longer His servants.  He tells them that they have become His “friends!”  We must NEVER forget, “LOVE” is the difference in the “fear” of horror and the adoring relationship among Eternal Friends!

Originally after the “Seven Days” (the last day being devoted to God’s Rest) of Creation, all beings on this earth were reflective of God’s Nature – total Commitment to Perfect “LOVE!!!”  It was not just God’s Desire that He be the only one “giving” out  His Love.  No, He Needed His Committed and Perfect Love willingly returned to Him by the objects of His Love!!!  In the time of Perfection of God’s Creations, this gave total and complete satisfaction to all involved.

Now I pray that you see the relationship God originally Desired with, in particular, man and woman.  He Desired to give a perfect environment to His Beloved humans.  This Perfect environment had to be totally based in His Perfect Love for them.  In return for the results of God’s Perfect Love for each, they, in turn, revered, adored and Loved Him. Again, the earth and its environment, all things found in “nature,” all animals, birds and fish and, of course, the man and woman – Adam and Eve were  Created by The Word (Jesus) per God’s Plan based solely in His Perfect Love.

In the beginning we are not aware if there was any reason to have a consciousness of “time.”  So this “Perfect Circle of Love” answered all needs of everyone involved with God.  More importantly, it answered God’s Need for this precious, freely given love that was returned by His creations.  There was obedience to the fulfilling of the desire to give and the desire to receive the same – God’s Perfect Love!!!  God seemed to Ask little for this Perfect Circle of Love to continue Eternally.  When God saw a need for a son of this world, He Created Adam.  Adam would receive this perfect environment known as The Garden of Eden.  In his love for God, Adam was willing to not only enjoy God’s many Creations of the earth, but he was more than willing to care for God’s many Creations as well.  In return for Adam’s return of this Perfect Love, God Bestowed Eternal Life on all and most importantly His human son, Adam.  As most understand, true love (even by today’s standards) is a gift of choice.  It is NOT merely a given actuality of expectation.  Love can only meet its inherent definition if it’s freely and voluntarily given.  Thus, Adam had to be continually faced with the choice of the continual giving or not giving of his love to God.  This is known as “free will.”  God Gave Adam, and later, Eve, free will.

God’s each and every Thought and Action meets one standard – Perfection!!!  To give Adam and Eve the “choice” of returning God’s Perfect Love or not, God had to make a stipulation so as to provide that “choice” of honoring God’s Desire for this Perfect Love to be freely given to Him in return. He Told both that if they ever ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would surely die!  As we know, at some point Eve, and then Adam, allowed themselves to be deceived by the serpent of satan.  Thus, sin, through this deception, was brought into this Perfect world by this fallen angel of sin, satan.  Again, from satan’s Creation by God, he too had the choice of free will.  He chose to attempt to overthrow The One and Only True Living God of all Heaven and earth.  He, satan, failed in this attempt.  As an alternative after his failure, he devoted himself and his dominions to slandering and demeaning the world’s image of God.  This very same world that God had specifically Created for His Beloved Adam and Eve and all of those generations to follow down through time.

Not only did Adam and Eve’s betrayal of God make them outcasts, but their environment within the world as well.  Their “one sin” created an instability throughout the world in its entirety.  All of life on this earth was never and will never be the same again!

What did mankind and this world lose from that moment of betrayal until the “end of time?”  It lost the “Perfection of God!!!”  The balance that God’s Perfect Love Created within this world and it’s environment was broken forever!  Immortality was lost.  Sin, more often than not, ruled men and women’s decisions which were based in their selfish desires.  Nature now had to deal with it’s own pre-destined difficulties and ultimate demise.  Because immortality had been lost, man established the concept of “time.”  A life had a beginning and an end within this world.  Nature had lost its perfect balance and vegetation lived and died.  Animals, birds and fish became competitive so as to maintain their life for as long as possible in the manner that they thought was best suited for them – not unlike humans!

This is the end of “Part I.”  “Part II” will take us from today into the ultimate future of ourselves and this imperfect environment that we “exist” in, as compared to God’s Original Perfect Plan for His Beloved children and this world that He Created for them.

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