We Can Be Perfect In This World – Really?

Yes, I know.  The only Perfect Human to walk this planet is Jesus!  But then I read 1 John 4:10-18.  Actually, I recommend each of us read all of the Bible’s Book of First John (it’s not that long).

Our understanding of “perfection” is not that of God’s.  God is “Perfection” personified!  There has never been, nor will there ever be, sin and God in the same environment.  It is a physical and Spiritual impossibility with NO EXCEPTIONS! Jesus is perhaps our very best example of God’s Perfection.  He walked the earth for about thirty-three years.  He never sinned once – up until the last few seconds of His earthly life while hanging there on the Cross.  It was only then that He willingly released The Holy Spirit from His human soul.  He then let the “sin of death” touch Him and changed eternity.

It was that horrible day the non-believing Jews gave Him up to the Romans to be beaten, scourged and spat upon.  Then came those final hours after having been nailed to a Cross, stabbed in the side with a Roman spear, and then, as a final insult, being given vinegar to quench His thirst in those final moments.  Then, in an act of complete and utter selflessness, He willingly gave up His Father’s Holy Spirit that had filled His soul over His last three years of life (Matthew 27:50).  This would fulfill the Will of His Father.  Thus, at the sacrifice of His own eternal life, His Father’s loyal children could gain their eternal Salvation!

Each and every human has a piece of God’s Holy Spirit breathed into him or her at birth (Genesis 2:7).  This was the very first time since before time began that Jesus was not “with” The Spirit of God.  Just like our human beginning, He had that small piece of The Spirit breathed into Him by God at His birth (Genesis 2:7).  But in His last three years on earth, His soul was filled with the completeness of God’s Holy Spirit due to having been baptised by John The Baptist in the River Jordan (Mark 1:9-11).  However, in those final moments on the Cross, He chose to give up His eternal connection with His Father – The Holy Spirit, just for us!

The difference between His “Spirit” received at birth and that filling of The Holy Spirit upon His Baptism is that with the birth Spirit, He had “free will” and could choose in any situation to deny His Spirit and sin or follow His Spirit and deny the temptation to sin.  After His Baptism in water by John The Baptist, He was Baptised or “filled” completely with God’s Holy Spirit and He became as God (1 John 3:24; John 10:30).  This meant He had God’s Perfection and could not sin.  With total Perfection, there can be no sin.  It is simply not possible as we stated earlier.

Now Jesus spoke of the one “unpardonable sin” during His Ministry.  We’ve spoken and described this sin before in earlier blogs.  Essentially, it is the sin of blasphemy against The Holy Spirit.  When one denies his piece of God’s Holy Spirit enough times then it becomes known to The Holy Spirit that this person will never return to God.  The Holy Spirit then retrieves His Spirit from that person and there can never be any redemption for that person in Eternity.  In other words, this person, by their choices in life, have condemned themselves to eternity in Hell!

Jesus asked “…let this cup pass from me;” while praying in The Garden of Gethsemane.  Jesus prayed to His Father three separate times in the Garden that night (Matthew 26:44). This proves that as a human, He had a choice to obey His Spirit that lived within His soul regarding this eternal Request from His Father, or give in to His human fears “screaming” for Him to protect His “self” from eternal death.  He knew if He allowed God’s Holy Spirit to be removed entirely from His Soul, He would have voluntarily committed the one “unpardonable sin” that He, Himself, had spoken about to others.  He knew if He did this, He would surely go to Hell, eternally separated from His Father for the first time before time ever began.  His Sacrifice had to be of this enormity; of this completeness; so only then could The Father be able to wash away mankind’s sin by sacrificing the Life of His only Begotten Son (Matthew 3:16-17)!

Jesus went to Hell believing He would never see His Father, His Home in Heaven or any of those that He would “save” throughout Eternity.  He knew that his “choice” could have no other ending, but eternal death.  This, truly, was “The Passion of Jesus!” For His Sacrifice to justify God’s total forgiveness of our sins, Jesus had to believe totally that this would eternally severe His “Oneness” with God and The Holy Spirit.  Not to mention, He was condemning Himself to an eternity in Hell!  But, my Brothers and Sisters, that is what it took for you and I to ultimately spend our Eternity with “our” Heavenly Father!

Jesus, being human, was not to know the “reality” of what was about to occur.  Jesus truly believed that by following His Father’s Desire, for He, Jesus, to make”the ultimate sacrifice,” it would result in the absolute worst of eternal consequences for Him.  Only God and His Spirit knew that after three days the Holy Spirit would descend into Hell and retrieve Jesus and return Him to the world as The Living Christ!  But that’s what it took for The Perfect God of the universe to make Salvation available to His beloved children of this world.  Praise God!!!

One might ask, “How could The Holy Spirit of God descend into Hell when He cannot come in contact with sin?”  That is a pretty good question actually.  As we have determined earlier, sin did not exist within the first two humans in this world.  There was only one rule set by God for Adam and Eve to honor (Genesis 2:16-17).  However, they were deceived by “the serpent” to use their “free will” to disobey God (Genesis 3:1-6).  They “chose” to break His “one rule,” thus, the “original sin” was committed there in the Garden of Eden.  Keep in mind, sin is always contained within this world.  Heaven has no sin.  Hell has no sin.  The sin that sends people to Hell occurs only in this world.  So neither The Holy Spirit nor Jesus’ human soul could come in contact with sin in Hell.  This eternally horrible place only contains the eternally decaying, tortured and burning souls of blasphemers of The Holy Spirit of God!

So how does this make you, me and all our brothers and sisters perfect?  Again, a very good question!

Remember God, thus His Holy Spirit, cannot ever be touched by sin.  When someone sins, they don’t sin against man, they sin against God.  To break God’s Laws and Commandments is to sin directly against Him.

The lawless “act” of murdering someone, in this case, is to break both God’s and man’s law (1 John 3:4).  The mental “choice” to  break any of God’s Commandments (Exodus 20:13) is a sin against God (1 John 3:15; Matthew 5:28) .  When desire that comes from one’s self interest occurs, this desire gives birth to sin (James 1:15; Galatians 5:16-26).

The eternal fact of God not being able to be “touched” by sin, combined with those believers in God’s undying Love for each of His children, is the answer to our question.  The practicing believer (1 John 4:15-16) is filled with God’s Loving Approval of that believer’s life here on earth.  God’s Love is always Perfect.  The believer is filled with God’s Loving Righteousness and thus, God’s Perfection.  Hence, we are “perfect” as our Lord is Perfect (Matthew 5:48; James 1:17).

Okay, that’s great.  However, you and I do, occasionally, stray from God’s Perfection – what then?  When an honest and true believer strays and makes the “decision” to sin, which we are all known to do on occasion, we immediately disconnect ourselves from His Holy Spirit through our decision to commit sin against Him.  Only when we sincerely return to our Lord Jesus and ask for His Forgiveness, can He allow us to be redeemed in God’s Eyes.  Then, and only then, can we be re-connected back to God’s Holy Spirit.  At that moment, we become one again with our God.  On occasion, sadly, there are those who are believers, but and due to their “free will,” chose to satisfy their “self” rather than their Spirit one time too many.  At that point, The Holy Spirit Knows this person will never return to Him.  He, then, forever removes that Piece of Himself that God Gifted that person with at their birth into this world.  Those who choose this way in life will spend “eternal death” in Hell with Satan and his other worldly followers.

So, yes, we can be “Perfect” while living in Satan’s world (John 14:30; Ephesians 2:2).  But please remember, the “fire and brimstone” of Hell is only a series of selfish choices away for each of us who repeatedly choose “self” over our “Spirit.”  We must continue to deny “self” so as not to sin against the Perfection of God!

Let us pray:

Father, please accept us into Your Holy Spirit as we are Cleansed by Jesus’ Blood.  Encourage us through Your Spirit to always remain “Perfect” as You are Perfect.  Let us not choose “self” over Your Spirit as our thoughts and actions construct our lives within each and every day.  Let Your Perfection be reflected to those around us in how we live our lives and profess our belief in You.  Thank you Jesus for what You have Done for each of us.  Please let us remain your humble servants and your Beloved friends forever.  In our Jesus’ Name and Through Your Most Holy Spirit, we pray.  Amen!