Why God Book Cover

How often have you and others said in your mind or outright verbally, “Why God?” Whether in anger, panic, grief, disbelief or astonishment, we have all questioned the Supreme Being at one time or another.

His answers often come back to us in a multitude of ways and time frames. There are, of course, times we do not want the answer to our original question of “Why God?”.  Given God’s Answer to our question, it may not reflect well on us.

Never-the-less, “Why God?” is a compilation of various reasons for the asking of this question of our Creator.

Madeline L’ Engle wrote in her book “Walking on Water: Reflections of Faith and Art” (1984), “Jesus…He was God who told stories.” She was referencing the many parables that Jesus shared with His followers and many others. Jesus knew that people can spiritually hear and learn the principles of God’s Eternity through the framework of metaphoric stories they could relate to in their own worldly lives.

Because of this wisdom, the chapters in the book “Why God?” each begin with a story. Most are fictionalized, but some are based on true events with only their formats being fictionalized.

Obviously, there are as many queries of God as there are people on this earth that believe in a Supreme Being. So, the presentations in each chapter are a microscopic selection of all the potential questions asked by the populace of the earth. Therefore we have tried to begin in the first of the “Why God?” series, a book that will approach some of the more commonly asked questions.

Due to the extrodinary times we live in, “Why God?” has gone back to the “drawing board.” It had been presented to various publishers and several expressed interest in our concept for the book. Today, however, it has become very evident to us that there are even more critical “Why God?” questions focused on today’s “times” and life conditions. For this and other personal reasons we have elected to expand the content to address not only the seemingly most asked “Why God?” questions, but to include questions relevant to the “times” we currently live or exist in. It is our prayer to the Ultimate Author, The Holy Spirit of God, that He will lead us to those questions, as well as God’s Answers, that will reach out to those souls who are raising their eyes to Heaven and asking “Why God?”

It is our hope and prayer the answers and supporting scriptures will guide and comfort the readers. Let us not forget that God is the perfect answer to all questions – not man or his interpretation of God’s Holy Word. We have prayed for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in every word of each chapter of “Why God?”. May He bring peace and resolution to all questions you and I may have of God!