Why is there sin, hurtfulness and hate in this world?

Why does the word “sin” have such a universal meaning for those of us that are seriously concerned about our Eternal Salvation?  Further more, why does this word “sin” that originated after the world’s Creation, now control our Eternal Life, as well as, our day-to-day existence?  When God Created the world and all of it’s environment (the Universe) there was only one description of all things…Perfect!  There was no sin of any description.  Each and every part or element of the world and its environment worked exactly right every time with all of the other parts or elements of the world.  There was never a situation, as an example, of one plant or animal producing too many or not enough seeds or offspring to maintain the life and viable existence of it’s species.  God’s Perfection Ruled! 

The “balance” of nature and the world in it’s immense Universe was always in perfect alignment and sync with every other part of the Universe.  One element not being “perfect” either in it’s structure or function would cause an ultimate and devastating effect reaching throughout the Universe in some way or fashion.

What, then, began this slow but definite deterioration, if not ultimate devastation, of the “Perfect” Universe that God Created.  The answer was then and is now the single most destructive, hurtful and hateful deterioration of the Perfect Work of God’s Hand.  Self.  The devotion and total efforts of all spiritual beings throughout eternity was to love, honor and serve their Holy Creator…nothing more, nothing less!

God has always Known that true devotion, service and, most importantly, unlimited love must be experienced and given with a committed willingness through a being’s total desire and sense of pupose.   There can be no reservations or caveats.  It is in the truest sense of the words: all or nothing!

So He created within each spiritual being in His Universe, a trait of “self will.”  So each being had to decide themselves if their love and unfaltering allegiance was to God, their Creator, or themselves or some other being.  This was not a one time choice.  This had to be an, ultimately, Eternal choice.

Through our Biblical knowledge we know that there was a spiritual being, known at the time of it’s creation, as “…Lucifer, son of the morning!” (Isaiah 14:12-15).  We are not sure if there was any gender designation at that time in God’s Universe, but for our purposes we will refer to Lucifer as a “he.”  Lucifer allowed himself to choose to place his “self” or selfish desires over his love for his Creator.  He knew of God’s Position as Creator of all things and somehow rationalized that he, Satan, could and should be greater than his God.  Satan must have encouraged other of his fellow spiritual beings to follow him in his self-centered desire to be greater than the Supreme Being of all things Universe.  This is a supposition on my part, but this would appear to be the first “sin” in the Universe.

So “self” or the desire to elevate one’s “self” above all else within his or her frame of reference appears to be the very first “sin.”  Why God cast Lucifer down to earth we can only suppose.  At this point, God Changed Lucifer’s name to Satan as well.  God cast down Satan’s group of followers along with him.  Why did God Choose earth for His repository of the “original sinners?”  Again, we can only suppose.

Man’s suppositions about  the “whys and wherefores” of God’s Decisions of the distant past, as well as, the present and the future are, in fact, just that: suppositions.  He may have chosen earth because he didn’t want to end the existence of Satan and his followers.  He may have Wanted to give them opportunity to change their self-centered motivations and return to him as his loving Creations.  So He placed them in a livable environment that they could exist but not be happy with the imperfections they brought with them to the earth.  It would certainly appear that they could remember their existence in the “Perfection” of Heaven.  Surely, Earth would not compare favorably with the existence they had to give up because of their sin.

Living their imperfect existence on earth did, in fact, give them incentive to return to the Perfect Environment of Heaven.  Sadly, though, most or all cursed themselves with the sin of “self” ruling over them rather than their Beloved Benefactor, God.  Because they would not or could not bring themselves to humbly and completely give up their selfish desires and ask for God’s Forgiveness, they have remained on this Earth until that time in which their final Judgment will be Eternally Served upon them.

So what does that have to do with each of us and our time living here on Earth?  Well, Satan and his followers brought their sin of self to Earth.  Most of us have heard the story of how Eve met the serpent in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:1-7).  It’s been said, by some, that the serpent was Satan in disguise.  In my search within the Scriptures, I find no such reference.  Given God’s direct admonishment of the serpent as to how he and all future serpent’s will live and be thought of, I would believe that the serpent was motivated or possibly even controlled by Satan or one of Satan’s followers.  It is sufficient to say: Perfection ceased for “humanity” when Eve allowed her selfish desire to “…be like God, knowing good and evil” to overrule her Love for God.  She succumbed to the serpent’s temptation and ate the fruit of the “tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:17).”  This, again, became the “first” sin of all humanity due to Eve’s selfish desire to “be like God…” (Genesis 3:5).

So this is the “where, when and why” sin began and ultimately came into the humanity of this world.  Where has the world and it’s inhabitants come to at this point in time.  Well, look around you, read the newspaper, watch the news, see the temptations of movies, TV, books and the world in general.  It might well be stated that sin has taken over and replaced Godly Righteousness in much, if not most, of our day-to-day lives.  We too often think of ourselves first.  The world and our desire for selfish fulfillment precludes us doing “the right thing.”

We, myself included, often wonder why a Loving and Caring God would let this world be covered and permeated throughout with sin?  Righteousness often comes at a “price” or sacrifice on our behalf (Mark 10:28-31) (Luke 18:28-30).  We must realize that to make our love and devotion to our Heavenly Father an Eternal reality, we must sacrifice ourselves, as Jesus did for each of us, (1John 3:16) to uphold our sacred love of and for God (2 Corinthians 2:15-16).

My “word counter” says I need to close this session.  Let me conclude by stating the assurance by The Holy Word of God is that if we, in fact, choose Him (Jesus) as our Savior and Eternal Lord, we will surely have Eternal Salvation for all the days of our Eternal life (Romans 10:1-17).  Thank you for your time and interest.  Please leave a “comment” of your thoughts and feelings.  May God’s Blessings be upon each and everyone of us!

A prayer: Father, please send Thy Holy Spirit to Walk the lands and oceans of this tarnished and sinful world.  Let Thy Spirit Move upon both the unworthy and worthy of this world.  Let only those that have committed themselves to living by the one and only “unpardonable sin” fall into the Eternal abyss.  Please, Oh Holy Father, show the Way of Eternal Salvation to all others.  Give them their choice of saving their worldly “self” or sacrificing that same “self” for the Eternal Love and Salvation of Your Son, Lord Jesus!  Holy Father, please let Thy Will Be Done on earth as It Is In Heaven!  We await Thy New Jerusalem!

In Jesus’ Holy Name and Through Your Most Blessed Holy Spirit we pray.  Amen, Amen and Amen

P.S.  The “unpardonable (or unforgivable) sin” is referred to in the following Scriptures: Mark 3:29, Luke 2:10, Matthew 12:31-32.