Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow! The Last Words of a Technical Icon

Steve Jobs, the “computer guru,” died this month.  He knew his time on earth was limited and that time was proceeding quickly due to pancreatic cancer.  Family and close friends were at his bedside at his passing.  Mona Simpson, his biological sister, is quoted in the New York Times to have stated that Steve Jobs’ last words were, “Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow!” (exclamation points are mine).

By the world’s standards, Steve Jobs was possibly one of the most successful and wealthy men of the last hundred years or longer.  He is literally held to be a technological Icon  equal to Thomas Edison and others of similar status in the scientific and technical areas of this life.

I sincerely do not imply or assert anything that would lessen this world’s affection and respect for this man and others like him.  They have taken this world into “new” areas of technological reality that could not even have been thought of fifty years ago.  It just struck me when his passing was announced that the “civilized” world went into a “mass mourning” and feeling of loss of this perceived world technological “presence” known as Steve Jobs!  It was almost a, “What do we do now!” mentality.

It is obvious to me that the “civilized” world mourned his loss.  But would an even larger contingent of followers be drawn by his reputation and memory after his death?  And yes, I could not help but wonder at the lack of awareness of the Passing of our Lord, Jesus Christ 2000 years ago as compared to the response of this world regarding Steve Jobs passing in this day and time.  Jesus’  death was known about by a relative handful of those who lived in the immediate area of His Crucifixion, Burial and Ascension.  Of course His immediate followers were also very much aware of both the circumstances and time of His Death.  But, the effects on those who knew both Mr. Jobs and Jesus are different in many, if not most ways.  The reputations of both are so different.  Steve Jobs’ public reputation is based on amazing and useful physical things that one can see and touch. Because of the technology he and others generated and created, the world will remember and “miss” him for many years to come.

Jesus, on the other hand, was little known at the time of His Death.  For years, a relative hand full of believing followers tried, and sometime succeeded, in spreading “The Good News” of His Life, His Redemption of our sins, and the Offer of His Salvation!!!  The difference: one offered amazing technological products that gave abilities to be used today and all the worldly tomorrows that may come; The Other Offered something that cannot be seen, but is of sublime use in all of Eternity!!!

I doubt there will be churches built to celebrate the life and sovereignty of Steve Jobs and his time on this earth.  That does not mean, however, that his name and effect on this “world” will not be held in continuous high esteem and respect – if not envy.

The Church of The Spirit is within each believer’s soul!!!  Each believer holds Jesus in such high esteem it cannot be measured by any standards of this world.

Is the esteem that both are held in, equal?  If the recently determined population of seven billion earthly residents were asked about their choice of which would be held in “highest” esteem; some would not recognize the names of either.  But others would say, without hesitation, that Steve Jobs has had more “positive and creative” effect on this world than anyone in all of time.  And still others will say that no matter when Jesus Walked this earth, His Reputation, Actions, and most importantly, His Love is remembered and still revered and believed today.  Of course, there will be many in this world that have never heard or know enough about either to make any determination at all.

So let us return to those “last words” of Steve Jobs.  What would cause a man of such vast technological knowledge, if not reality, to say in his last breath on this earth these specific words and WHY?!!  Mr. Jobs lost his life to pancreatic cancer.  Jesus lost His earthly Life to beatings, having nails driven through His Hands and Feet into a Cross and a sword thrust into His Side…and one other Thing.  Jesus had been Asked by His Heavenly Father to give up His Soul to the ravages of eternal hell.  In His Last Breath, He did just That…He gave up The Holy Ghost that had Resided in Him since His Baptism by John the Baptist in the river Jordan.  God Breathes some of His Holy Spirit into each human being at their birth.  This Piece of His Spirit can be taken away for only two reasons.  First, The Holy Spirit can Remove Himself from a person’s being because of total rejection by that individual.  Second, and only known to have Happened Once, The Voluntary Release of The Holy Spirit from within one’s body and soul.  Jesus Chose to Honor His Father’s Request and Willingly Released The Holy Spirit from His Body and Soul!!!  He Did This for one and only one reason!!!  For the sake of all sinners!!!  He Knew that, ultimately, hell was His assured Eternal destination – again, He Did This for you and me!!!

The Date of The Return of Jesus to this world is Known ONLY by God.  Likewise, ONLY God can make a decision that would Affect all of Eternity.  Once Jesus Complied with His Father’s Request, Jesus’ Soul descended into hades (hell had not been created yet).  God let Jesus’ Soul remain there for three worldly days.  At that time, the Unstoppable Strength and Knowledge of The Holy Spirit Descended into hades and retrieved Jesus’ Soul and Brought it back into this world for a brief time before Jesus’ Return to Heaven.  Jesus Knew that the Sacrifice of His Soul while hanging on The Cross of our Salvation would, in fact, Save all sinners that would choose that Salvation!!!

Steve Jobs fought his cancer for several years with all the aids of medical science.  Jesus gave up His Soul for you and I after one night of Prayer and one day on The Cross!!!

How many souls know Steve Jobs in this world?  How many believed he changed (or saved) their Eternal lives?

How many souls in this world know Jesus and believe that He, The Living Christ of God, has Saved their Eternal lives?

I’m don’t know the exact numbers of this comparison or anything close to accurate to be sure.  I will say that, in all due respect to Mr. Jobs, his changes to our everyday lives are only for now and an uncertain amount of time to come.  Jesus Will and has Changed countless lives over two centuries for all of Eternity!!!

Oh yes!  “Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow!” as said by Mr. Jobs upon his last worldly breaths being drawn (exclamation points are mine).  What could POSSIBLY cause a man of such vast technological knowledge and worldly sophistication to be so overcome in his last moment on earth?!!

Your guess is as good as mine!  However, believing as I do, having seen Miracles Created before my eyes, and experiences that cannot be explained in any way other than Holy Spiritual Intervention, I believe Steve Jobs saw something truly “unworldly!”  Walter Isaacson, his autobiographer, stated on Fox News today that Mr. Jobs had, on occasion, stated that he hoped there is an “after-life.”  He felt people’s worldly ideas, etc. should not be lost upon worldly death.  Mr. Isaacson said that he knew no more than that about Mr. Jobs thoughts and beliefs involving an afterlife etc.

I’m going to assume that meant that Mr. Jobs did not assert that he believed his perceived or imagined “after-life” to be Heaven.  We obviously don’t know but, possibly, it was of some eternal resting place of high technological intellect and artistic  inspiration.

In my many years as a surgical representative, I’ve seen unusual things “occur” at the moment of someone’s death.  These “occurrences”  and, of course, being at the bedside of loved ones as they passed has, for good or bad, necessitated that I see a number of “last breaths drawn.”  However, Mr. Jobs last words, unlike what I would expect him to say, if anything under those circumstances, sound as if he spoke them in “utter surprise and disbelief” of what he saw awaiting him!

Again, we don’t know what he saw, do we?  But for someone who gave no public indication of a Christian belief in Eternity and that he would spend that Eternity with our Heavenly Father, it does make me give pause for deep thought!!!  Possibly what he DID see was unlike anything he LET himself imagine or certainly believe during his worldly life!  Many theologians believe hades is divided into two “waiting” areas.  There is One for those who have received The Salvation Given by Jesus Christ and the other being the “holding cell” for those who are to go before God in The Day of Eternal Judgment to answer for their many sins.

What did he see – what will I see?  I honestly don’t know!!  But more personally important to you is the answer to the Eternal Question: “What will YOU see!!!

God Rest the soul of Steve Jobs and every other soul to have ever lived and walked this earth!!!


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