Oh Yeah, Baby, That’s What I Want!!

Whether Television, Print Media, and now the Internet – “If it bleeds, it leads!” – “Sex sells!” – “Tell them what they want to hear and they’ll be knocking at our door!” – “Self always rules!”

Welcome to Marketing 101 for the world today!  This is how it is, whether we want to admit it or not.  We cannot sit in the privacy of our own homes and not be affected by this constant assault on our senses and morals!

Is this now the societal “norm?”  Does this outwardly affect each of us in our daily decisions and activites – not to mention our long-term goals?

Thus, it seems safe to conclude that personal satisfaction directs, if not controls, a major portion of humankind.  Whether in wealthy or impoverished countries self desire and/or perceived self necessity rules for the many.

This reality doesn’t take a lot of words to either describe its place in the world today nor does it present much of a question as to the effects that these worldly temptations have in our lives.  All too often, though, we accept this life “as it is” and move on with the rest of the “lemmings” toward the inevitable “cliff!”

On this day, 1/11/11, I could give you all the scriptures that tell us of these realities, but let me just paraphrase a few: “to be in the world and not part of it;” “those that seek worldly treasures will not have treasures in Heaven;” “Walk in The Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh (self),” “God’s Word lives (in this world)…and is sharper than any two edged sword…and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” etc., etc., but most of them you know in part or, perhaps, in detail.  It comes down to one thing: our choice to live by the laws of man or live by The Laws of God.

The worldly treasures, Biblically stated, can rust or be damaged or be stolen – treasures stored in Heaven are ours forever!  So given we believe that there will be an Eternal existence on the “other side,” by what should our choices be driven while still in this worldly life?  Self -interest that will give us more immediate worldly pleasures and treasures?  Or should we choose to live as children of God while in this world, so that our Heavenly pleasures, treasures and so much more will be ours Eternally?!  It is a decision we each must make!  Remember too, not to make ANY decision is exactly the same as making our choice to live both in the world AND be part of it throughout this life!

On this day of 1’s (1/11/11), consciously, as well as spiritually, let us each choose to be a child of God, both in this world and in the Home Jesus has prepared for us in Eternity.  God Bless each of us and Happy New Year!!!